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EFDN Rules

  • Don't be a Dick
  • TERFs and Nazis can into a Trebuchet
  • Dogwhistling/Apologetics for discrimination is considered the same as explicit discrimination (i.e. a ban)
  • Tag/CW your shit
  • No Factkin
  • Pickle Rick posters are thrown to the kraken
  • Forbidden to Eat Teeth

Blocked Domains

  • counter.social (Suspended)
  • raki.social (Suspended)
  • pawoo.net (Media Rejected)
  • mastodon.starrevolution.org (Silenced + Media Rejected)
  • newjack.city (Suspended)
  • albin.social (Suspended)
  • quey.org (Silenced + Media Rejected)
  • baraag.net (Suspended)