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EFDN Rules

  • Don't be a Dick
  • TERFs and Nazis can into a Trebuchet
  • Dogwhistling/Apologetics for discrimination is considered the same as explicit discrimination (i.e. a ban)
  • Don't archive anything without explicit permission from everyone involved/mentioned in the posts being archived
  • Tag/CW your shit
  • Caption your Images every time you can
  • Tankies get bent
  • Pickle Rick posters are thrown to the kraken
  • Forbidden to Eat Teeth
  • Respect Bug Pokemon

Inactivity Policy

Accounts which have not been logged into for a month or longer are eligible for suspension. At the 30 day mark, an email will be sent out asking if you wish to keep the account. If you do not reply within another 30 days, or reply that you do not wish to keep the account, the account will be suspended, to keep the user count of the server accurate. The suspension *can* be undone at any time, and email requests for undoing an account's suspension can be sent to admin@efdn.club or norikawa@efdn.club

Blocked Domains

Note: This list is updated periodically, and thus may not be entirely representative of the current block list. This list was last updated May 21, 2019

  • counter.social (Suspended)
  • raki.social (Suspended)
  • pawoo.net (Silenced + Media Rejected)
  • mastodon.starrevolution.org (Suspended)
  • newjack.city (Suspended)
  • albin.social (Suspended)
  • quey.org (Suspended)
  • baraag.net (Suspended)
  • qoto.org (Silenced)
  • awoo.space (Silenced + Media Rejected)
  • misskey.nl (Suspended)
  • pixfed.com (Suspended)
  • trash.social (Suspended)
  • freespeechextremist.com (Suspended)
  • spacetime.social (Suspended)
  • pl.smuglo.li (Suspended)
  • mastodon.loliandstuff.moe (Suspended)
  • greenlifeplus.net (Suspended)
  • freespeech.firedragonstudios.com (Suspended)
  • humblr.social (Suspended)
  • sapphos.be (Suspended)
  • sinblr.com (Suspended)
  • feminism.lgbt (Suspended: URL is misleading, site actually seems to be primarily focused on lolicon)
  • wagesofsinisdeath.com (Suspended)
  • mobile.co (Suspended)
  • gameliberty.club (Suspended)
  • honey.church (Suspension)
  • neckbeard.xyz (Suspended)
  • social.quodverum.com (Suspended)
  • shitposter.club (Suspended)
  • anime.website (Suspended)
  • nomoresha.me (Suspended)
  • cloutfla.re (Suspended)
  • librem.one (Suspended)
  • newsbots.eu (Silenced)