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just so everyone knows i might be the fat pikachu person but this is an all-pikachu positivity zone and i won't stand for people slandering other pikas in my notifications

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what's up, i'm sen, i'm the fat pikachu person. i'm an adult, born feb 12, 1996. gender is fake and i use any pronouns (tho unless we're close/ur also nonbinary and we're on okay terms, i want no gendered terms being used for me)
i care about a lot of things, like music and cute flowers, but mostly i care about alfonse fire emblem

dropping my brother off at college today. very sad bc i'm gonna miss him so much

you just send a message that says "pee is stored in the balls but whats ur excuse" then leave

my bad advice for today: they cant tell people to block you if you tell people to block them first

sometimes i think abt efdn's no factkin rule which makes it Automatically the best instance to be on

hey btw if any of you use roll20, there was a data breach. change ur password and all that

it's only when we're separated from everyone else we realize we are the hell instance

Im gonna kill god with my own bare hands
you know i have to do it to him

we could all just switch back to the discord server but causing havoc here sounds more fun


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Welcome to EFDN, a little instance without any real specific interest, just being another node in the Fediverse!

We have:
-Good custom emojis, like Fat Pikachu, Hee Ho, Shrek Todd Howard and more!
-Running glitch-soc, a version of Mastodon with more features, like doodles and local only posts!
-The server is named Gregory
NOTE: At this time, EFDN is no longer accepting new registrations