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just so everyone knows i might be the fat pikachu person but this is an all-pikachu positivity zone and i won't stand for people slandering other pikas in my notifications

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what's up, i'm sen, i'm the fat pikachu person. i'm an adult, born feb 12, 1996. gender is fake and i use any pronouns (tho unless we're close/ur also nonbinary and we're on okay terms, i want no gendered terms being used for me)
i care about a lot of things, like music and cute flowers, but mostly i care about alfonse fire emblem

everyone should come chill with me in my animal crossing ritual basement
(this is a joke i'm not opening my gates rn)

Also you could call me rick-chan again :blobcat: 🗡️

i love my friends but damn is it a pain in the ass i had to download a whole new program to speak to most of them regularly

going on twitter and blocking official homestuck accounts is a form of self-care

Drew this #Mismagius #gijinka earlier this month!

Of course, typical me, so she ended up being a cute witch/magical girl.
I'm a big fan of black and white, but does a color overlay make things more interesting? 🤔

#MastoArt #FediArt #Pokemon #PokemonGijinka #MagicalGirl #Manga

So tell me, how do they build a hut entirely out of piz- oh, that's just a name too, huh? That's cool...

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So tell me, how do you build a bell made entirely out of ta- oh, it's just a name? Okay...

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