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writing a new intro for the sole purpose of plugging my twitch in it. anyway hello, i'm jason/sen, i'm 25 at the time of writing this (my birthday's feb 12 so u can figure out my current age by that), i'm trans masc nonbinary (any pronouns). i like video games and being gay
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just so everyone knows i might be the fat pikachu person but this is an all-pikachu positivity zone and i won't stand for people slandering other pikas in my notifications

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If I was Batman I would just start making out with Superman

they're in the queue. i'm so ready for people to get angry w/ me

Show thread so i run this tumblr blog and. okay it's usually inactive bc i get busy and don't have time to devote to editing pictures of characters holding trans flags. but i got motivated tonight and did 3 characters in a row that are Going to make people get mad at me

about the current harassment wave, boost for awareness 

@zachfonse it's like saying blocking people on twitter et al is bad for the same reason. who cares

"b b b but what if they block an instance because of a PETTY GRUDGE with the other instance's owner!" well that sucks but that doesn't make being able to block instances a bad thing sorry. literally anyone can create a mastodon instance it's open source. you WANT to be able to block instances because sometimes instances are owned by and filled with shitty people

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saw a twitter thread complaining abt mastodon (as a whole, not just and while there's valid reasons to dislike masto i think saying "instance owners can block other instances from showing up on theirs" is a shit take

I have seen Zero episodes of Supernatural and I love how the energy this show grants me

have heard that the Trick to getting Good at art is "get really obsessed with a character". good, first step accomplished then. only a million more to go

"Funded by sex dolls, casinos, and essay writing websites" is like a joke a sitcom writer would come up with to humorously portray an organization as shady and seedy

an absolute banger the cashier at safeway told me 

i think my mutuals on twitter should move to tumblr. but only my mutuals

uncaptioned art, nsfw, bong 

a couple friends of mine r thinking of joining mastodon. what instances should i recommend them

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