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I've read a few explanations of blaseball and it seems super interesting except that its sports adjacent which is not my thing, and like that would be fine but its apparently also very gay so

I'm torn

I fated out an essay about why meritocracy is bad and why science fiction writers don't need to use it in their fictional post-scarcity societies.

Hmm. I should log off and try to do a writing, I think. Laters!

Request for Music by Fedi Artists, boosts appreciated 

Seriously, though, I bet you there would be a lot fewer liberals out there if more of them realized that the right only cares about "left morals" as a way to bully liberals into defeating themselves.

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The title *Let's Form a Cult* is bouncing around in my head and I haven't even finished episode 1 of Librarium Stellaris.

What's your antifa rank? Mine is 5th level Dragon Smoocher.

Apparently Hometown's support of custom max toot chars in is in the next version, which doesn't have a stable release yet.

I mean its likely that Hometown will have another release soon, considering Mastodon just updated to 3.2.0, so I likely won't have to wait long for that feature, but I won't have it right away.

Being a Social Justice Warrior, but with a viking helm and a mjolnir pendant, dedicating my milkshakes to Odin before I hurl them at fascists.

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Apparently its a thing for binary trans people to accuse enbies of spewing terf shit when they say things like "fuck gender."

If I catch anyone making that kind of accusation near me, I will eat you, and not in a sexy vore way.

A uspol covid election prediction, --- 

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