Heads up, my new instance, orbital.cafe is now federating. I'm gonna be downloading my follows and setting up a redirect on my profile soon. So if you get a follow request from @Alex, that's me! :3

re: angry rambling 

re: angry rambling 

re: CW meta, no its not discourse 

re: CW meta, no its not discourse 

@AarkTheDragon@yiff.life @katja@rarf.zone Don't you bad mouth lizard people by comparing them to Mark Zuckerberg, they don't deserve that.

@katja@rarf.zone Are you suggesting people get horny over Mark Zuckerberg?

Work, Covid, +/-, asking for money, boosts appreciated 

@Moss Honestly, I have a better sense of the personality of the crew who *isn't* human. Being able to jump outside the norms of our society gets me a lot more excited to write about stuff, tbh.

I realized I only had one "normal" human on the crew anyway.

I guess I just prefer weird aliens and robots?

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Now currently leaning towards making Librarium Stellaris about a galaxy without humans, just really gay aliens.

@SuperGideon Shoes are gay culture.

Barefoot is also gay culture.

Checkmate, libs.

@Naux On the other hand, communist furries playing eclipse phase is like, perfect.

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