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Headmate introduction, plural stuff, anthro art, ec 

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The cycle:

- try to write something

- realize I'm stuck

- turn to online to distract me

- online reminds me that the world is horrible

- try to write to distract myself from the fact that the world is horrible

Heads up, my new instance, is now federating. I'm gonna be downloading my follows and setting up a redirect on my profile soon. So if you get a follow request from @Alex, that's me! :3

Work, Covid, +/-, asking for money, boosts appreciated 

I realized I only had one "normal" human on the crew anyway.

I guess I just prefer weird aliens and robots?

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Now currently leaning towards making Librarium Stellaris about a galaxy without humans, just really gay aliens.

I have defeated he demons of SMTP and successfully set up ghost to allow people to sign up for memberships to my blog! I even have a special poem up for paid subscribers! Take that, Patreon! :P

Hmmm, today I will write a thing

*shitposts on masto instead*

Ah fuck.

Otherkin prom where your date is your new kin send toot

Q: Does Mika kin Cloud Strife, or does Cloud Strife Kin Mika?

A: Both

Rocky Horror and Transmisogyny, mixed feelings 

A not insurmountable goal, mind you, I could get trained as a group therapy leader or something, but I'm a bit scared too, sometimes.

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Torn between my own mental fragility and wanting to help those with similar problems to my own.

Many Bothans died to bring us these shitposts. 😔

Ad shitpost, Covid 

Lyrics shitpost 

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