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Masto Monday, begpost, covid-adjacent, Patreon, boosts+, Redraft with actual link! 

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Look upon my works, ye mighty, and tremble!!

Seriously, though, please buy my book, I worked really hard on it. And leave a review when you finish it, plz.

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@xanderpendrake also is it okay to admit that it's really funny to me that circumstances keep making you move accounts

Anyway, I stuck a custom domain on my blog and made a coming out post! Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!

gender, possibly moving instances again UGH 

Important Gender Reveal, boosts + 

Plural stuff, gender, +/- 

im a gay baby prison abolitionist no human being belongs in gay baby jail

You are what you eat works more than for food.

You are the media and narratives you consume too. :X

You are not immune to propaganda. I'm not immune to propaganda.

Important Gender Reveal, boosts + 

:blobcatthinking:​ Lazy town's "You are a Pirate"

:blobcatlove:​ Alestorm's cover of the above. Also "keelhauled" by Alestorm

Me: I'm tired
My third cup of coffee:
Me: Now I'm tired... But faster.

Arg, each citizen of our piraaate nation must have de 'ight to a pirate ship to raid de capitalist! Harhar.

USpol shitpost 

@xanderpendrake wolf be nice to yourself :blobpats:

You're in the top third I just checked

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