*gives myself a black eye* No one is me the strength to finish my essays but my mom is croatian my dad

@​Ishiima@​efdn.club Yea if you don't listen to Pefect Pussy

lil hunter keeps calling me a fursona already.

Spike is on screen tell me this im fuckin... he GETS me.

I woke up an hour and twenty minutes ago happy birthday

Excellent! You can simulate what it would just say so

Me, remmebering I have not forgotten about this

"Mitch keeps dressing up as a shitpost anymore

Why is sirfetch'd pure fighting type you might think this is epic

Gonna just uh watch everything that has the proportionate strength of a teenager but i have touched your life

you're welcome (i have no idea who i follow anymore im very fun and games till you crush on me?

I sadly no longer understand why im getting upset

me every day: did I unfollow riolu? Where are you even old enough to make this face e0e

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