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ajskdhks i just realised that since i shared illustrations with a potential employer, they can backsearch my art and find my art accounts, and thus MAYBE my main accounts, so shout out to them if they find me. please hire me. please.

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kway yves nia niiji anishinabek nia turtle island'i

My name is Yves. I am a Turtle Island Native, posting on Treaty 7 land. I'm a lesbian, and i go by neutral pronouns (they/them)
I've been raised in a blend of religious practice between my mother's lineage witchcraft and my father's medicine healing.
I am a naturalist. I occasionally produce art. I post garbage. My connection with the physical world is thin and fragile in many ways. I try to keep my posts light.

Be the best person u can be

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if you dont think teeth are valid explain how i was born from THIS

Let Me In The Journals, Stop Having Them Be Behind a Pay Wall

"wonder what's going on in efdn"
Walks in to everyone shrieking out moonbase alpha

"The usual"

acknowledge nonbinary representation or die by my sword

I'm sorry there are only two genders: ghost and gay

"are you ok? you sound like you're mentally in a k-mart"

im glad that others are joining the teeth eating cause, but i feel that there is some confusion in the nature of teeth being eaten. it is not your own teeth you are eating, it is other teeth

Your Hometown Is A Black Hole: A Guide To Learning To Live With The Fact That There Is No Permanent Escape From ________, ____.

yes sometimes i repurpose my discord jokes for masto ya know? its called recycling im saving the planet one meme at a time

Wow I logged on and haven't seen Elliot curseposting once, did work kill him?

in macbeth 2: the scottish play reloaded, king macbeth returns, rebuilt, as mechbeth

"can I speak to a manager?" My brain literally played the kahoot music before it realised that's me

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I had to run the store for the last two days and had to face the fact that I'm The Manager and it was very strange

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