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fuck zodiac signs fuck mbti fuck all that shit. the real determination of personality comes from who you main in mario kart

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to insist that selfishness is human nature is a capitalist lie. we have proof that early humans took care of members of their society who would be considered "useless" regardless of their inability to contribute in a typical way. there are skeletons from early humans that show signs of disabilities that would have prevented them from contributing through typical means but who lived to old age and were clearly respected members of their societies

please, call me flat eric. mr. oizo is my father.

haven't seen some of the regular clowns in a while... what's up there

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love that chronologically mgs lore starts with “dinosaurs invented kissing to spread a vocal cord parasite” and ends with “a cyborg ninja fought a nanomachine powered libertarian on the back of a giant robot”

having a spine? awful. wouldn't recommend.

'xiv' looks like a neopronoun ngl. a vibin one

for a short while i played final fantasy xiv with friends and my opinion is that the only things that matter are lalafell, the golden saucer, chocobos, and those little mandrake creatures

for real tho the soundtrack for ocarina of time Fucks

vibing facedown in the dirt in the lost woods in ocarina of time for 10 hours ASMR

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I want to make a bard who's performance art is magic tricks, like, they would perform stuff like magic missile by throwing cards, turn invisible by hiding in their hat, read thoughts by pulling a coin out of someone's ear and listening to the penny for their thoughts...

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Bards aren't necessarily musicians, they're just powerful gays who studied their art long enough to become magic.

gross, sal angry hours 

jack rat hits you with zir cardboard tube for committing crimes ASMR

had a perfect tea time with dimitri fireemblem. we shall have a summer wedding

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i'd do a favorite character bingo but bc of hyperfixation there would be a lot of j*j* and that's Illegal because it's january

i see some of y'all's favorite character bingo things and i'm like yeah i've heard of some of these bitches

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