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by the way, i tend to put information in image descriptions that explains what's in the image in terms that may make it clearer than the image itself, if that makes sense

like if you look at the image and have questions, the description contains more info like, for instance, the name of the game it's a screenshot of, or why things in the image are significant

so if you don't already, check image descriptions if you wanna know more about the image! i try to make them helpful.

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if i respond to your post with something like "this is a terrible joke and i hate you" i'm almost certainly being sarcastic, in case it's not clear

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me upon seeing any game do something I don't like: that's IT. i've HAD it with you amateurs. im going to show you how it's done.

does anyone have that video of everyone standing in one corner in Among Us and the traitor coming by and seeing one person not realizing it's literally everyone else stacked on top of eachother

ugh i just realized i lost the screenshot of the "i'm gonna fuckin' DELETE you dudes" line from BUGGERWORLD, and it's at the end of the game, and my save is in the epilogue

(shouting from the rooftops) I READ HOMESTUCK RECENTLY

@dankwraith follow up: 100% of people who shit on "communism" literally do not even understand what it is

Did a projector-outside-movie hangout with some mates, and watched Labyrinth. The recent high-def remaster!

Now I dunno about you but I never saw Labyrinth on anything but a tape on a CRT, I never saw it in the cinema.

Guys there is glitter ALL OVER EVERYTHING in that film. SO MUCH GLITTER. I never saw it before 'cause those tiny points of light were hiding in the scanlines, but on high-def it's very obvious that the only thing not covered in glitter is David Bowie, which is weird

🤦‍♀️ so i realized the thing that appears to be the player teleporting twice the distance they're meant to... it's just the camera not catching up until a frame later, so you see yourself off center and then your camera moves 🙄 so you're not going anywhere weird, it's just an illusion

If I boost a post without favoriting it:
1. I forgot to.
2. I assumed it was a bot post.
3. I had to suffer that post, so now everyone else does too.

My brain just invented the term "anarcho-misanthropist" to mean "someone that thinks anarchy is the best system but people are too shit to make it work" and I don't know what to do with this.

actual gun 

What genre... Is Mario?
Not the games, the universe. Like, LOTR is fantasy, star trek is sci-fi... What in the world is Mario?

[reloads a gun quickly and efficiently, then proceeds to eject every bullet through the slide without firing any of them] Ah Fuck Not Again

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In a nutshell, the game is "ah fuck, I dropped the magazine again"

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Yeah, I'm gonna have dreams about Receiver. Played a bunch right before bed.

It's a neat game... The reload process is complicated and there's a certain humor to repeatedly dropping things, but once you get the hang of it you start to get this feeling of "wow I know how to do this without the cheat sheet open?"

This feeling of competence goes away once you drop everything the game will let you drop while something is trying to kill you.

There's also the whole "what part of the enemy you hit matters" thing, which is cool... until a shot ricochets off the chassis, or a drone keeps chasing you after you empty your whole clip into it.

Still really funny to shoot a turret's camera and just watch it spin in circles trying to figure out what's going on

step into the Reply Guy Dome!

two guys enter!

several more guys enter!

"Check out our new desktop app!"

>literally just an electron wrapper for their website

fuck off

another day, another youtube channel inventing another definition for liminal spaces

Friendly reminder from your neighborhood anarchist: The only reason anyone "needs a job" is because there is a paywall on living.

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