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by the way, i tend to put information in image descriptions that explains what's in the image in terms that may make it clearer than the image itself, if that makes sense

like if you look at the image and have questions, the description contains more info like, for instance, the name of the game it's a screenshot of, or why things in the image are significant

so if you don't already, check image descriptions if you wanna know more about the image! i try to make them helpful.

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if i respond to your post with something like "this is a terrible joke and i hate you" i'm almost certainly being sarcastic, in case it's not clear

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me upon seeing any game do something I don't like: that's IT. i've HAD it with you amateurs. im going to show you how it's done.

heh, i just said something including "people who're just..." in a discord chat and the automod deleted my message because it's blind to apostrophes apparently

Cosmo Sheldrake's music is an aesthetic I really like but also can't put my finger on. "Whimsical"?

hahahahaha, I just realized nobody can go "but MLP is for giiiiiirls!" at me anymore because I am one now. muahahahahahaha

I really don't get why everyone hates Blighttown...

...Unless I just haven't gotten to the part that sucks yet? I'm at the first bonfire when you go in from the Depths, and I've made it to the bottom where the poison swamp starts but haven't really explored down there very far. My opinion is mostly "Wow, really sucks to run out of moss and have to turn around"

> playing Muck
> villager walks past while I'm working
> player hurtboxes are huge in Muck
> of course he gets hit
> entire village murders me
thanks Muck!

which is completely not the sentiment this is MEANT to convey, mind you! they're trying to be supportive. but I still struggle with practicing art. pixel art I'm fine with, but I wanna learn "normal*" art too and I do it so infrequently; I'm lucky to do it once a month now that I don't sit in class all day needing something to do with my hands.

*i'd say "pencil and paper" except I use a stylus and tablet. I'd say "with a stylus" except you can use a stylus for pixel art. 'tis confusing

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I hate when people say "anyone can learn to do art! it just takes practice!" sure, anyone can learn art with practice, but not everyone has the discipline to practice enough

Not saying I hate the people, moreso the implication anyone can practice and that if you can't, you must just be lazy

kinda gross, ramble 

A Heist With Markiplier except every choice plays in parallel

My body: "brrr, cold"
Also my body: "ughhh hot"

Ow. Not a fan of my body just going "hmm. time to hurt all over" just because I'm a little bit sick

okay if you invade an enemy player in dark souls and use dung pies to toxify them and then just hide behind a shield? fuck you. you are an asshole. cheesing enemies is fine but cheesing PVP is just fucking disrespectful and I hate you.

Dark Souls is fun the way Dwarf Fortress is fun.

I'd link to the dwarf fortress wiki page on "fun," but the embed ruins it.


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Found a secret path in dark souls. Genuinely not sure if it's a dead end after a one-way. The game usually isn't THAT cruel (my souls are dropped after the one-way, so if it's actually a dead end, my souls are impossible to recover without dooming myself again)

Also, I had... I wanna say trouble sleeping but it was more trouble staying asleep. I felt half-asleep for what felt like the entire night. I'm up at 7 and not tired, though, which is way better than my usual schedule, so honestly? I'll take it, as long as it's not a regular thing. It's not a pleasant experience to be half-awake having a long, nonsensical dream for that long.. I remember the dream, but it wasn't weird so much as just nonsensical. Weird is fun. It wasn't.

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woo, i'm feeling a lot less sick than I was yesterday! I was bracing myself for feeling terrible for about a week. It being gone in a week*end* instead is fine by me.

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