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by the way, i tend to put information in image descriptions that explains what's in the image in terms that may make it clearer than the image itself, if that makes sense

like if you look at the image and have questions, the description contains more info like, for instance, the name of the game it's a screenshot of, or why things in the image are significant

so if you don't already, check image descriptions if you wanna know more about the image! i try to make them helpful.

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if i respond to your post with something like "this is a terrible joke and i hate you" i'm almost certainly being sarcastic, in case it's not clear

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me upon seeing any game do something I don't like: that's IT. i've HAD it with you amateurs. im going to show you how it's done.

new avatar/display name because i'm too much of a homestuck nerd for my own good

Folks with weighted blankets: how do you survive summer???

Smooth yoda would be less cursed with different hair. Still cursed but just less so

A good rule of thumb on CWs is "would you say this around family"

Ben Prunty - Curious Merchandise

That is all thank you for your time

running the storm king's thunder D&D 5E module but every time the giants show up i describe their feet in increasingly worrying amounts of detail

Balan Wonderworld is a fascinating phenomenon because when a game comes out and it's not good most people don't even pay attention to it

But this one COULD have been good. It SHOULD have been good. It was CLOSE to being good. But it sucked. Really bad. And I find that really interesting

Ahhh, hopped in the shower for a bit and that cooled me off. Now I'm comfy.

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complaining about a very generic problem 

i need an f5 key for my brain. just instantly lose consciousness, then wake up a moment later. just a way of "i no longer want to think about this thing" that isn't the "don't think about pink elephants" problem

still cant believe diminish A2E1 only came out 5 days ago it feels like ive been waiting for E2 for more than that

still find it hilarious how you can edit the channel settings in discord to set it so that everything in a voice channel sounds mega crusty

idk why when it comes to look sensitivity, people talk about 360 distance and not 180 distance... how often do you do a 360? i mean it converts to mousepad width better, but it's less practical on the ingame side

this is nerd talk for "i turned my aim sensitivity down by a specific number"

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