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by the way, i tend to put information in image descriptions that explains what's in the image in terms that may make it clearer than the image itself, if that makes sense

like if you look at the image and have questions, the description contains more info like, for instance, the name of the game it's a screenshot of, or why things in the image are significant

so if you don't already, check image descriptions if you wanna know more about the image! i try to make them helpful.

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if i respond to your post with something like "this is a terrible joke and i hate you" i'm almost certainly being sarcastic, in case it's not clear

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me upon seeing any game do something I don't like: that's IT. i've HAD it with you amateurs. im going to show you how it's done.

playing valheim
out of nowhere when i'm working in my house, i hear a boar attack my beehives for... some reason i cannot fathom, then immediately regret its decision

score is boars 0, bees 1

i think my favorite bit of SSB-related humor is the "they nerfed snake's ass!"/ZSS changes being ignored thing

i love how in krunker, sniper has juuust too little health to survive a direct hit from a rocket, so you can counter them with soldier... they get instant kill on headshot, you get instant kill as long as you hit them. it's hilarious. rocket launcher is also just plain fun to play with

fuck up and find around

wait its supposed to be out



i generally hate these kinds of videos but i think this thumbnail is pretty creative

wait a minute. im watching adventure time again, and jake just mentioned abraham lincoln. that's the first time they've mentioned, like, real world people or anything. why would they know about abraham lincoln

also mario is like, over 1000 years old, because he's seen two star festivals and they only happen every thousand years

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reminder that mario and paper mario are not the same character, for... some reason

breathedge spoilers, but like, just a joke from late-game 

i think the thing i like most about valheim is how easy it is to get immersed in the game.

i did, like, 2 songs on mungyodance with an actual dance pad, and wow i am just fucking. wow. i am exhausted

What fun is there in ever correctly pronouncing or spelling nomtimdo? None at all

I rewatch that video too often. If you ever hear me say random numbers in a specific tone of voice it's probably from that.


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shouting catchphrases for no good reason 

:bing:​ is building up a resistance to iocane powder on the tv tropes page for xanatos gambit

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