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boundaries, since this came up 

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me upon seeing any game do something I don't like: that's IT. i've HAD it with you amateurs. im going to show you how it's done.

i unironically like Groovy Troublemaker Goes Big Funky, and not just because it has the best name i've ever heard for a song

I'm tempted to start working on networking as soon as the new UI is done and save layers for later, because I really feel like JALE just isn't any fun when you don't have people to share it with. I'd really like to have some people interested - I feel like nobody plays the game beyond taking a quick look to humor me.

gen dys question 

Building with the new UI works. No eraser yet, oops 😅
I still need to get dragging working - it currently only places blocks when a button is first pressed.
You can close the palette without exiting editor mode, though!
#JustAnotherLevelEditor #JALE

The worst part is, it seems completely doable. There are so many features I want to add... I really need to put them all in a big list and organize it so the important ones come first.

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One of the things I'm very tempted to do with JALE is make completely different player physics modes... One that accelerates instantly, one that drives like a car, etc.

re: gen dys, incoherent lewd 

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gen dys, vaguely lewd 

can't decide between activities so i'll just do nothing lmao this is great i love my brain

gravitas was just kinda OK as a puzzle game but the comedy is absolutely ON POINT.

I recommend not playing with subtitles if you don't need them, though, because the best joke in the game is kinda ruined if you're reading the subtitles too fast, because they don't appear in quite the right order

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i maybe should've labelled this "audiohazard" because I can hear the first three words of this. I wish I could do a decent SHI impression, i'd never stop prefacing statements with "A GORG reminder"

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thing is, anyone who gets this joke won't need to hear this :(

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a GORG reminder: Gravitas is free and pretty fun

the first thing you hear when you enter my room 


So, even though I've replaced all of the graphics for JALE with my own custom ones, I still don't really like the look of them. I'm wondering if I should try a few different aesthetics and workflows to see if I can make something better, or just leave them as-is for now and focus on technical stuff and hope I can find someone to do art once I have a more functional game.

must... resist... urge... to... make... minetest... game...

Why are there modifiers on Oxygen Not Included worlds? I've never even beaten the first asteroid (which is the only one without them) so the several there are ought to have plenty of content already... Or do I just move through the game really slowly? I bet I move slow because I'm too picky about getting new duplicants.

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