going to be honest this ones screaming sounded like elmo was getting interrogated by the police after snapping and killing someone

metal songs with screaming in the bg are usually cool but

i want to play so many games but the academic year has started and i do not have enough energy to start them =_= back to the classics my brain is hardwired to get through

68 the geese far height at midnight. i think im gonna give up any hopes of sleeping tonight

electronicy as in like. *points around* NOISES rather than the genre

i think i have had my fill of classic metal for a while time to dive into new and electronicy metal


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its my playlist i get to choose the mediocre indie pop song that reveals far too much if you think about why its there at all

keep reaching for the pot of gum and not my drink.


java was 1 hour of figuring out that the computer didnt have the dev kit thingie and then it spitting out an error and a FUCK YOU at me for the crimes of trying to print hello world

ok other than that erm. PYTHON god hopefully thats easier than java

*grin* i want to play a videogame but my brain is literally fighting for its life and i am already binging another thing

i cant believe in 2018 i logged onto mastodon for the first time spammed rats spent my time rambling about rats astrology or my oc universe even in fucking college and just thought i was allistic for the next half year

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