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I searched for Linux on reddit and the next recommended threads were like r/bitcoin and r/minecraft I'm really loosing it

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Me after coding classes in 6th grade: yeah you could say I can code ;-)

EFDNcraft Announcement 

Mastodon Admins, I've cleared the sidekiq queues and rebuilt redis feeds but im still getting toots from 7 hours ago coming into the timeline. I'm honestly lost as to where they're coming from. Pls, any advice would be appreciated.

especially cause like, kids really appreciate being treated not like total idiots but actual humans. So not going full infantilizing all the time , which fits the look of my illusts while the themes are still for kids

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making illustrations for kids specifically is like, really fun


For personal reasons I just cannot. I just can't.

Weird vibes today I really would drink NyQuil juice

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