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hey clowns a new anime by a black creator called cannon busters drops on Netflix today, you know what to do (watch that shit) and also spread the word 👌🏾 :boost_ok:

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gender and identity stuff 

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im begging yall to use threads so i can look at local

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Using threads is not about being "overrated", but letting other people look at the site and not die. Also. Think about people with screen readers. Yes I'll never shut up about adding image descriptions.

can we get an f for dagons quest builders 2 dialogue tho

dragons quest builders 2: everyone wants to marry malroth

im also: always watching animal documentaries

if im talking about animals im probably watching an animal documentary

harpy eagles will literally rip your eyes out just because your in their territory but theyre so cute......

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obvious hot take, meta 

dragons quest builders 2 characters i can and will marry so far:

photo of stargazer fish theyre kinda creepy but i love them 

reminder that he isnt based off flounders like i see people naming him every once and a while! hes a stargazer!

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We have:
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-The server is named Gregory
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