any other tech service: the service is undergoing "temporary maintenance," and will be closed for mysterious reasons

mastodon: sorry guys i need to change which outlet the laptop that runs this instance is plugged into, we'll be back in a bit

@ratwithscarf i did this today with my instance
except i was changing which drive it was on

@ratwithscarf I don't want to know the condition of that laptop battery.

@ratwithscarf That attitude extends to the users too. In response to the above:

Other tech service users: RAGE

Mastodon users: Oh no! Would you like us to pitch in and help you get an uninterruptible power supply?

@ratwithscarf and of course it's an old laptop, the battery doesn't last the 20 seconds it takes to change the outlet.

@ratwithscarf sorry my outlet almost combusts for no apparent reason.

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