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this is my shitposting alt, but it's also my personal alt, so i have specific rules about who gets to follow it

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i got a switch, so add me
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(Spoiler City - My gawd - you've been warned! Spoiler Police, turn back before it's too late! You're on Wildbill's owl-hoot trail now, and I'm armed to the teeth with a virtual Sharps 50 caliber buffalo rifle, fitted with a virtual sniper's scope!!)

(You see, this document doesn't conform to anyone's stupid dictated guidelines for writing game-FAQs. If someone doesn't like the way I go about it, tough dirty kitty litter, Kemo Sabe! Make your own, and go kiss the rusty tails of the videogame gods while I'm enjoying playing games - the very purpose for which they are dynamically designed! So, if deleting threads on your board that discuss the enjoyment many people derive from playing the translation community's products is your bag, you're in the wrong place. Go back to your narrow-minded, egomaniacal, ante-diluvian, self-imposed corner of Hell.)

(Heh, someday, I'll tell folks how I really feel!)

Okay, just to get game-lovers back on task, those of you who don't have bad attitudes and pouty-faces, all of you free-spirited mavericks out there who are not members of the club and can think-outside-the-box:

We are in Chapter 4, late in the game, following the Battle of the Heroes. We've gone to Alania and entered the final dungeon in the game, only to discover on the second floor that the SNES Lodoss FAQ floating around the web has suddenly petered out.

If D-D has released its English version patch of Lodoss, and you're playing it, and that petered-out FAQ has turned out to be right handy up 'til now, this crazy document will either help you, piss you off, or both!

So, moving right along...

At the intersection just past the entrance to this final dungeon's second floor, you will get blasted in the cabeza with the following message:

"Trust magic? Go right.

Trust blade? Go left."

If you turn right, you'll wind up in the extreme NW room with the Iron Golem that was described in the last entry of that nice-but-incomplete FAQ floating around the web.

Ergo, if you made it this far:

*Whip the tail off that pesky Iron Golem in the NW room.

• Seize the magic Key 1 from the treasure chest.

• Dash back to the intersection where you turned NW to reach the NW key room.

• Proceed SW until you reach an intersection.

• Zip SE to a corner.

• Start to walk SW, but 👁️

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thinking about someone who had used a precursor of the rain fellowship playbook to play a water elemental developed to be an assassin full of swords and metal who instead decided to goof off

his full development title was the Jet Operated Nail Expulsion System

but you can call him OSMOSIS J.O.N.E.S.

guys help that process!) ive legit never had any of you go to murder greta?


hmm. feel like efdn could use a little cursed content spice right now

uspol, longish, reminiscing 

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"the toppling and de-idolization of old imperial hegemony and will lead to a rise in marxism, so we should do it. A Good Cartoon."

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lb is, as we would say in the old country, "a good cartoon."

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