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u ever spend a decade as some eldritch motherfuckers student before them going "im a chaos god" and u go "SWEET" before going on to stay their student until they die about a century later

genesis packing to go to mirror earth as the disciple of a chaos god:

u know.... this modern periods gone on a bit too long........ i say we go into a new one.....................................

no for earth its the early modern period but for these ppl its early medieval

who am i if not an idiot who spends their midnights listening to bach and writing a medieval thing for my shifterverse

entire weekend: idk i dont feel like finishing this assignment
9 hrs before i wake up: im going to import this writing i did on my computer

me: this does not have any references because its placeholder text because this is a test u wanted me to upload
teacher: where are the fucking references

wow i think i broke cs with all the trades im getting

i am left with a quarter of a braincell in this chilis

you ever say something in public and this flashes across your vision

oh you think naoto shirogane believes in cisgenders?
🔫 🐀

yosuke after getting his romance route scrapped nd being forced to be a stereotypical homophobic str8 boy

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