fellow enbies! i have a poll. please share it with ur enby pals so we can collect information

@pyrif I'm NB and that's not what everyone thought when I was younger so yeah technically?

@Nerts im running this poll sort of on behalf of a friend of mine who brought up an interesting semantic argument: because the "trans" prefix means "across from" or "on the opposite side of" and non-binary genders sorta seek in part to dismantle the establishment of man and woman as being on opposite sides, that some enbies may choose not to identify as trans for that reason (among several others i brought to the table)

@pyrif @Nerts
I understand that line of reasoning very much and I struggle with it a lot too actually.

With "trans" being "across from", then "trans-gender" becoms "across from gender". But which gender? The individual, assigned gender at birth, an individual gender chosen earlier, gender in the sense of the gender binary (i.e. non-binary) prevalent in society, or gender as a concept in general (leading to agender, antigender, etc.)?

I'm very much pro trans, but everytime I'm about to join the cheering I'm getting cold sweat.

@pyrif @Nerts for me trans just means "not cis" as in: not my agab.
Never thought of it as a purely binary thing.🧐🤔

@MaxiUwU @pyrif Yeah, that's basically what I was trying to say

@pyrif Ummmmm, I'm nonbinary and I'm trans/species/ but not transgender? I have no idea where I fit in. >,,>

@pyrif ah! Yeah if it's gender specifically, I'm not transgender I think.

@pyrif this is a difficult one for me to answer because it's so nuanced!! Is this about how I as an enby define and experience transness (if at all), or is it only about how I experience transness (if at all) and you have a specific definition in mind?

i am non-binary and have a complicated relationship with the word trans.

@pyrif Let's just say that male/female isn't the only binary I reject.

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