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apparently people talk about the prospect of going to panda express

18+, genitals 

sorta pol 

Asking For Money Help 

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hot capitalism take, don't think about this one 

does anyone have any good #trans books to recommend for a cis (male) person to read?

I want to know if anyone has any that feel like ESSENTIAL reads to recommend.

if fedi folk ever meat irl, we can identify eachother by saying "private butter"

re: i know i ask for money a lot but this time there's legit 0 pressure 

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henlo to my pdx friends 

:agender_flag: agender pride by the way. fuck enbyphobic dross hiding in our midsts

There's been at least three times one EFDNer in particular has picked up on and reported someone for doing Bad Shit and is functionally responsible for EFDN not seeing it when everyone else on fedi blew up at them about something a few months later

So Admins: Listen to the people on your instance about shit. They trust you, so you better fucking trust them or else have damn good reason to not for a particular case

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I can now offer you a 100% code for stickers and +lanyards, completely free of charge, shipping included.

I don't need anything from you except a DM.
If you would benefit from this, DM me.


For those who have challenges standing on public transit, this sticker can help let your fellow riders know that you have an invisible disability and need a seat. The sticker goes directly on your transit card and is meant for wearing your transit card with a lanyard.

i know i ask for money a lot but this time there's legit 0 pressure 

they always talk about "stupid horse i just fell out of the porsche" but never the next lyric "lost my money in my bank account oh no" which is an eternal mood

nsfw joke 

nsfw joke 

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