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@norikawa feel like ur online and would be incredibly excited to hear this :blobcatgoogly:

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today i went to planned parenthood and got a prescription for spironolactone and estradiol :blobcatdj:

oh shit i actually have an epic announcement for u all today

oh to be a soft body blob climbing up an infinite flight of smooth rectangular prism stairs

Welcome to Hœll! Welcome to Hœll! Welcome to Hœll! Welcome to Hœll! Welcome to Hœll!

@norikawa can u make raw html messages support custom css here like is that a thing ur capable of & willing to do
gonna mention @norikawa @Paul and @Ivafakename for this one, the three people who are listen to my mosiq

been workin on this for the past few days
sorry if u saw the thing i posted, there was a render error and it sounded like garbage

gonna reupload again soon
me explaining my teaching of music theory to a friend of mine:
u ever watch chowder where mung daal tries to teach chowder how to make pickle in a cup
this is that
oh to be a bottle of cherry coke rolling gently to the other side of the empty fridge
loose z key: [tilt]
osu: oh my GOD. LMAO. look at this FUCKING FAILURE. loser who FAILS

also today seems like a good day to say, if you are a transphobe pls unfollow, i don't wanna be your friend :blobcathissing: you are a mean!!

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uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [condenses brain into a single infinitely-dense point thus creating a black hole computer] poopoo
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