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getting back in the logo game, upping my standards for both myself and any folks who would buy from me. dunno if i'll ever really increase my prices in the future, it's weird bc i don't wanna ask shitloads for a logo and $50 feels like shitloads but actually it's pretty cheap for industry standard

hope you consider buying from me!

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genital joke 

in the past two months i have convinced more than 10 people to watch Final Space & most of them thoroughly enjoy it

fav this toot if u would like me to also try to convince you to watch this show!

good evening, EFDN. would you like to devote a little more than a minute of your time to a gentle, open jazz tune reminiscent of the Breath of the Wild soundtrack?

if anybody here is into sci-fi cartoons and crying please watch final space

Final Space is an animated sci-fi comedy drama television series by Olan Rogers. it is hilarious, yet emotionally-charged. i have watched it all the way through, 3 going on 4 times now, and every time i have teared up. it is a show which is absolutely worth your time. i cannot force myself to shut the fuck up about it, believe me i've tried

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hello efdn! please fav this tweet if you would like me to tell you about a wonderful show by the name of Final Space

im writing a story, i plan to turn it into an animated cartoon series. it's going to be incredibly gay and people are already loving what i've written it so far. im so proud of myself

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