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enby check

becoming one of those bigots who is really confident in wrong statements like "men don't have nipples"

im gonna boost somethin bc i think u would like to hear it and it aint got no attention

there's this shirt that i love and that i really fucking want but it's $25.50 and i don't wanna spend that much money & regret it later so
if anyone wanna send me the money i'll make u a logo in return (which is actually a like. 15% discount from my usual logo price minimum of a flat $30) please thank u i love u


can we for real not make fun of people asking for cw requests. personally asking for a cw is something that's already very stressful for me, and the additional anxiety that i might get actively made fun of for it is legitimately horrible

screaming about an adult tv show 

18+, sex talk, grudgeposting 

cw complain, genitals 

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