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long, food mention 

long, food mention 

its been a few months since the rocko's modern life special but i still love rachel bighead

mascot: hey! you! you MUST attack with the power of love and stuff! take this!

magical girl: oh fuck! (transforms and then sets fire to literally everything around her)

no offense but i think there should be more violent magical girls just because it's the funniest shit ever

side b is also scary. especially since if you run out you can just SD and over-power your opponent again. thank you for doing these two justice mr sakurai

i take it the FUCK back banjo and kazooie have SERIOUS combo potential in smash. banjo's down B is the scariest move in the game now

re: food tw 

food tw 

folks i just got my first can of monster today and i have to say this is epic

dwellvetica (helvetica for goblins and ghouls)

he crawled out of a ZX spectrum and now he's finding his way through a forest

finally gonna do some digital art for the first time in a million years and be proud of it

after careful consideration here are my top 3 contenders: custard, sour grapes, and blueberry muffin

me, after a long silence: which strawberry shortcake character would get away with murder

im a member of the late night crew but i just fixed my sleep schedule a few days ago 😔

what if you wanted to go to heaven but wumbo said center 4 wide

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