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i just got done climbing through a rabbit hole on a neocities site and you would not believe how little it takes for me to get attached to something

nevermind my mouse keeps glitching on ms paint :( i'll just switch to my sketchbook

god sometimes i love just making some digital art and being like " actually fuck making art look good im going to just go feral " and that just needs to be my attitude 24/7

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alright, well, I am gonna need help again

I am down $75 on my Patreon

thats uhh... a rly big chunk

at least $50 of that is going to be basically mandatory for me to get back... any help at all is rly appreciated, please share!

holy shit this just goes right along well with them completely pushing aside ken pender's bullshit to do what they want,,, (changing the designs for characters temporarily i guess, NOW fiona's canon maybe)
sega really said fuck ken penders lives

a few things to take away from this:

- all of these fit SO WELL especially sonic being a leo and amy being an aries



good afternoon gang i bring you today's horoscope ripped straight from the official sonic tumblr

i just found out they scrapped you can do anything from sonic cd from appearing in brawl,,,,,,,they were doing sonic dirty from the beginning

there's also the fact that i have alot of ideas that i want to tackle and i want to be sure i want to start a splatoon team before it just fizzles out of existence upon creation

my team name is team soup and you have to be gay and eat soup to enter my cool team

i think it would be really cool to make a splatoon team but i don't know if im even good enough to start one,,,i just want to destroy a team in one round and fuck around the next round

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Eggman is actually like a superhero, his DNA was combined with that of a rotten egg, hence the name.

movie robotnik would've been alot better too if they hadn't gotten someone anti vax to play him

movie eggman turned me into a normal eggman stan

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