just followed someone for interacting with my post who else wants a follow

Hey. hey. i need people to follow. please interact.

*depraved laughter as i churn out another awful post*

God cis men ruin the reputation of real men

You know what if not passing is the price i have to pay to never step foot in a men's bathroom again I will pay it

@cis men? You think this shit is acceptable? You really live this way

Used the men's bathroom like a cis person for the first time and oh dear lord I wasn't ready

Kin or rp? No rp here I AM piccolo everything I say is what piccolo would say canonically

slug man boosted

boost this if ur a kin or rp acc nobody will know which it is

....unless its in ur bio obvi-

My old instance was singlehandedly deleted because I had too much clout

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