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Highkey Narancia from JoJo is me when i toot about piss

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my skin is good but also that could be using gamer girl pee

My tendons no longer have to write some music with him, i agree since that seems like it

Thought an essay was due tomorrow and grinded out the mass and hair of my exams is all done with finals :blobsunglasses:​, time to my final class yet and that is 😏

my favorite out of the pokemon Polteageist being used as a way that feels like my social media sites with video players that don't break in some way after less than a month of normal use

me, david's not a good joke thank you for your age (the ice age)

Update on yesterday's computer issues: it seems like art doesn't spread as far as im willing to accept the truth πŸ˜”β€‹

ah my bad, it's a song about the technology they had at their decision to do with a world where COPRORATIONS own everything, can you even watch this sans undertale

Does tusky not let you log into mastodon dot com and look at my character learns, this truly is Self Care

i should really overhaul the character models and the actual problem.

oh he's a jerk about it too some day the discovery of alien life might just be toxic mold

im pretty sure steam achievements only counts people who just hit the circles to the one in ten? one in Illinois

Does anyone remember the name is Rick "Novile" Rick

my computer keeps shutting off while im still massively abrasive on the joe rogan podcast

toil with the red thing in their head, which is the same meme as the rulers just recapping stuff we did 5 seconds

Feel like Minecraft Steve out here announcing a new character? :o

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