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BIG self promotion post, asking for money (non-emergency) 

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Yeet me to the moon and let me Gay among the stars

Let me kiss the Lesbians on Jupiter and Mars

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In this house we believe Orwell was co-opted by capitalists but was himself anticapitalist and actually shot actual fascists with a gun

Hey everyone, my patreon channel is finally up and running! Here, I plan to post; a patreon-only comic series, loop animations, sneakpeaks of my upcoming paintings, and short animated films!
My patreon is NSFW only! Lowest tier is $3 a month, highest is $15! I’ll be posting weekly!

I also have a telegram channel up and running for commission types and any deals or discounts I may be offering!

Heres my info! Thanks sm for stopping by <3

my old ass htc one is barely holding charge for more than 6 hours of light use and has weird freezes and crashes more and more often, so i really need to replace it.

my phone carrier doesn't do contracts, so i don't get subsidized prices or free upgrades

shopping for some mid-tier phones (~$400-$500), but even those are a lot of money to drop all at once for me

any little bit helps

Star Trek Online fascinates me because I can't pin down exactly why I like it beyond star trek and space combat.

@ouroboros and I are gonna go on a destination date to Atlantis 😍

I'm still here! just been focusing on myself recently.

A little reminder that if you wish to I have an art account

if you wanna see my stuff or at least boost my commission posts :)

@goat pleasant scented candles with a strong hint of massive amounts of caffeine

Selling like basically all my characters

offers are open on ANYONE in this folder except Shortcake, Jelli and Macaroon

@ouroboros There is a complicated history wrt/ Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism in China following the revolution. It's not all pretty, but, and this is important, it's not all ugly, either. People forget that a lot.

gonna be honest. long after all the ivermectin memes fade, my brain is still gonna hear the song Killing In The Name Of with the lyrics "some of those that work forces, want the paste that for horses."

that one made a real lasting impact.

I made Dragon Girl in FFXIV and she pokes things with a stick

Please think critically about the media you are fed and the propaganda you consume, INCLUDING leftist stuff.

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