me, adding more words to the business card: am I ruining the joke?
me, writing "address: tree": no, this is perfect

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WHY did I open a CW labled "Garden Gnome Nudity"

joe biden addresses the nation: "its okay to be a little bit transgender but not too much" he says. wow. inspiring speech from the president. this is why we voted for him #bluewave

lol you all piss? watch this (i expertly detach my bladder and replace it with an empty one)

In the future, all humor will be randomly generated!

@sidd_harth0_5h4h Thank you for boosting all my random thoughts, you are truly brightening my day

"Princess why are all your orders about deaths or imprisonment until death?"

I have been nice for 24 years and now I am just going apeshit, I sentence you to death for questioning me.

Being a Klingon seems fun but also not my thing but also GOWRON

Gowron, seeing your pet rodent: "Glory to you, and your mouse!"

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