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Yeet me to the moon and let me Gay among the stars

Let me kiss the Lesbians on Jupiter and Mars

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Fun to think about Christian supremacy on Christmas when you have personal reasons to be bitter, but literally not at any other point in the year

Esp not the fall that literally just passed and included a number of Jewish, Hindu, and Muslim holidays :yeenthink:

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I am the Murrax, I speak for the fish,
I say Lovecraft's not as hot as I'd wish

"i can fix him" ummm that's a direct violation of the prime directive

i hope everyone has prepared their christmas eggs

Me: I'm considering going back into tech.

The tech industry: πŸ”₯ πŸ’© πŸ”₯

@dankwraith it's yet another languishing apache project; i'm not sure where apache got it from

@zorotl oh was this an abandoned corporate project or something

@dankwraith it's not the volunteers who did the overengineering in this case - the volunteers actually wanted to remove the vulnerable feature but left it in for backwards compatibility with existing systems

@zorotl volunteers over engineer a logging program to pad their resumes -> the industry looks for cheap solutions to problems to cut labor costs -> every java program now has a remote execution vulnerability

my dim opinion of all the oh-so-smarter-than-thou posting about the log4j vulnerability has been backed up: the library is maintained by unpaid volunteers

maybe these kinds of vulnerabilities really do have more to do with structural issues in the tech industry than individual stupid programmers. who would have thought!

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i've decided to shut down my patreon

there's a long list of reasons, and i've been considering it for a while due to those, but seeing the CEO be so amped about NFTs was the last straw

i've still got a ko-fi tho, and i've been posting there regularly

I'm out here about to behead Mika's endocrinologist with a scimitar anyone want anything

i think its good that every photo of hp lovecraft has him looking about to cry

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