Ok but listen I saw a post I kin on my main acct's home TL so I gotta fucking log on here yeah

Hold on this is like one step removed from just being "Fate but Gay"

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Concept: Myths and Legends but everyone's gay and it's cool and fun and not just an allegory for "bible good"

Okay so basically just take the names and vague settings and leave the rest

Took a Vyvanse

But not sure exactly what I wanna do with it...

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Thought: what if Big Sugar is run by vampires who just want sweeter tasting blood.

Drugs are bad because they make the blood taste all funny.

Tobacco was this trend in the 30s that vampire people today are sick of, like how you eventually stopped eating glue as a kid.

...you did stop eating glue yes?

Extraordinarily Lewd, like what the hell Nyx?? 

If only Code Vein had a good incubus tail in the character maker... Alas...

gay for demon boys? it's likelier than you think

Gay and demon boy? It's likelier than you think!

Seeing both of my avatars at the same time and now I'm thinking about Code Vein again

My phone didn't auto capitalize anything in that reply! What!

Naturally still think about friends while doing so because TWEWY OST is one of the albums my brain kin assigns someone lol

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I'm gonna go clean stuff with TWEWY OST on :blobcatdj:

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