Naturally still think about friends while doing so because TWEWY OST is one of the albums my brain kin assigns someone lol

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I'm gonna go clean stuff with TWEWY OST on :blobcatdj:

On the upside I'm gonna turn on TWEWY OST once I get started so :blobcatdj:

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I need to go clean shit but I wanna be gay and demon and boy online!!!!!


Step by Step guide to becoming Gay Demon Boy:

Step 1: Be Gay
Step 2: Be Demon (Requirements: Do you want to be demon? Yes? Grats you're done you did it!)
Step 3: Be Boy (Requirements: See above but replace "Demon" with "Boy")

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Gay and demon boy? It's likelier than you think!

Boosting myself from both of my accounts just because :blobcatevil:

My room smells overwhelmingly of bread

This loaf of bread I got has just permeated the entire fucking room

Is this why breadboxes are a thing? Not to protect the bread from the room, but the room from the bread?

I should get my hair dyed blue again at some point :blobcatcozy:

I should really get this Avi pride flag'd up

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