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I would shutdown EFDN for $20

But like, specifically one of those really rare and expensive $20 coins from the late 1800s

i would shutdown hellsite for a particularly cool rock

Morgan boosting xer selfies right as I'm typing that post out

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I think there might be some gay in my timeline

when are they gonna put the boat back

According to my server logs and my router's own activity log, my internet has been entirely down and nonfunctional since midnight til about five minutes ago when I restarted my router

And yet it seems nothing's been going wrong here???

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.hack//SIGN spoilers 

talking about .hack is not what i thought i'd be doing tonight but here we are

also .hack//SIGN is pretty disconnected from the rest of the series so it works as a standalone thing anyway

like some of the stuff only gets explained, connected up.etc later in the series but again it's fine it works on its own

the ending song for .hack//SIGN is one of the song of all time imho

look i was one of those weirdos who would be like "this anime looks kinda old style so i'm just not gonna watch it"

and then i had trouble stopping watching .hack//SIGN and going to bed

a whole bunch of shit never makes sense or gets explained but that's not the point so it's ok

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trans lesbian video game isekai anime, to be more specific

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just do a scroll through fedi tl and now i'm thinking about the trans video game isekai anime

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