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the only way for their fucking shit to work is for it to just be a really fucking weird and overcomplicated version of USD lmfao

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so the only cryptocurrencies not currently floundering are the ones pegged to USD (yes these exist apparently, i have no idea why)

which is an absolutely fucking amazing self-own by crypto shitheads

thinking about how chex quest 2 has multiple references to battleship potemkin

hank hill and kazuma kiryu would get along, they would be good friends

steadily getting sleepier while excedrin is taking effect oh boy oh boy

the propaganda push for "it's sad that she died, here's why you're supposed to be sad" is going to fail so hard and it will be amazing to see it happen in real time

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when the queen dies its going to be fucking hilarious watching all the politicians and media and such be all confused that people are celebrating

"but the queen is their monarch, how could they possibly not mourn her death!" shit just some reporter absolutely baffled by the idea of hating crusty ass old white racist monarchs

Like if you wanna go to another instance but don't really know where feel free to ask me I'll try to figure out some recommendations for you!

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Idk maybe it's just me bc I've had a lot of times of people moving from EFDN to somewhere else and every time all I've really done is at most help them find a new instance they'd like

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Don't need to even have a reason like "the admin is shitty".etc, should just be if you feel like moving maybe, then go ahead!

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Honestly I feel like moving instances should be way more like, idk, normalized??

Like change is good sometimes! If you see an instance you think you'd like more than your current one (doesn't mean you dislike your current one!!) then there shouldn't be any pressure to stay where you are!

We're all here on Fedi, moving instances isn't gonna suddenly disconnect you from everyone!

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