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remember that like two month span when the libs thought the way to beat trump was by adding id numbers to all the images of quotes they posted to twitter?

word game squares 

Watching a video of everybody's favorite Gary Brannan: Gary Brannan be like professional and talking about being an archivist and I'm not used to this

The transliteration of this would be "Ura Horoskosjtula dis ensi Sektanotansi an Anektyse Kauseyano ved Ensi Parsaiy, Ensi Erakje, Ens Horoskopikys an Ens Aridmatika" which is a very long phrase that is in all caps on my OneNote for my personal conlang that I don't remember what any of the words mean whatsoever but it provides me with a lot of text I can use to test my script so!

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Here is revision 4 of my main conscript

I'm really happy with how it looks

for those interested: it's a grammar of Western Yugur

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The author of this grammar mentions multiple times how much he missed his one particular friend and their times together while studying the language of the grammar abroad

I think this may have been written by a gay guy

Fun fact: FFXIV's Dragonspeak is pretty much an actual proper conlang designed by someone with a decent linguistics knowledge!

Cute hot pretty dragon boys picking me up and giving me hugs and smooches???

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Might fuck around and be mega fucking gay today

Absurdle has a flaw in that it's totally deterministic based on your guesses.

So my strategy where I guess a specific set of three words at the start always narrows it down to the same two words no matter what in Absurdle so it's eh?

And if I guess the same fourth word, it always results in the same end goal word each time.


I'll be fine and safe where I live. House keeps heat well, and we have a good sturdy basement we can move to as well in the worst case (i.e. tree falling through the roof). Also have emergency generators (got them when we lived in Florida bc hurricanes) and space heaters so alongside house keeping in heat, we'll be very fine there too! Plenty of supplies as well.

Largest impacts for us is likely just going to be possible power outage. Which will entail downtime for EFDN, so be prepared for that possibly happening starting midnight (US eastern time) tonight and lasting possibly into mid next week!

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