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I cut myself with a piece of bread how the fuck

disney ate the mcu and made it huge because they just wanted to reinvent being a disney adult: FOR MEN

Are there any serious issues that cropped up with 6.05?

Or is this a possible tentative timeframe for boosting the hardware? And that's why it's such an certain timeframe, not sure when the hardware will arrive beyond "this month"?

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No patches have been announced for upcoming release afaik, there's no info about what any of these maintenances might be about, but it's definitely not just in preparation for server overloading bc it's specifically not emergency maintenance

Just "possible" maintenance

Across a three week period

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1,7 milllion would still be less per capita (china's population is 1,4 billion, the us' 330 million) than the us' 800 thousand. and this is assuming china's official numbers are somehow off by three orders of magnitude but us' are completely accurate. so congratulations on making up a bullshit number on no basis and still ending up looking bad

1.7mil deaths would be roughly twice that of the United States

For a country with a population roughly four times that of the United States

Even the bullshit numbers still say China is handling things much better than the US

why does a salt shaker need a display and a dial?

what do these do?

am I supposed to watch porn on my salt shaker?

is that what this is?

is it a sex thing?

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"smart salt shaker (alexa enabled)" ah yes I love to tell my amazon surveillance orb to shake me some salt this is significantly better than checks notes just shaking a damn shaker

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"ergonomic design" mate it's a fucking salt shaker you'd have to try to fail at that

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wait if we're talking dumbass kitchen things we can't possibly forget about SMALT can we??

the microwave pasta maker is in the sink and not clean and everyone else is asleep so no pasta for me

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what if: you wanted pasta at 6am

but the pantry said: pasta machine broken

word game squares 

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