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Love something as much as Mika loves man tiddies

Y'all, I think Mika might be a little gay?

y'all ever have a factoid that surprises you again every time you remember it

Since we're talking about learning Japanese:

Obenkyo is a wonderful app on Android for learning how to write both Kana and Kanji!

Highly recommend it!

"I don't know how it escalated so quickly. All I did was yank away my scissors after the security agent took them and told me I couldn't bring them inside"


I may play Au Ra but at heart I am absolutely a Catboy

some shiny pokemon are lame because they look almost identical to the regular ones

activitypub is a fuck and mastodon's custom alterations to it make it waaaaay fucking better which goes to show you just how much activitypub is a fuck

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absolutely will not work with previous fedi software half on purpose and half from laziness

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rick's custom fedi software fuckaround hubalaboo, coming soon to an eventually TM near you!

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