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idk what id even need to google to try to find out if this exists lmao

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is there like a service that's literally just "have them ship the thing to our address in jp and then we'll ship it to you in na so that way you can still buy the thing"

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found a thing i wanna get from square enix store.. but its the jp store

the na store doesnt have it

and the jp store wont do intl shipping

so im like


trying to learn finesse for tetris and ughhhhh my worst enemy is coming back to bite me

having to time letting go of keys precisely

this also fucked me up years ago when i tried to learn osu!mania, because that also cares about when you let go of the keys

as it stands, i'm having trouble with finesse for like, T-pieces that go DAS left -> CW bc i dont let go of left soon enough and end up just getting the piece right against the wall instead of one cell off from it

"mika has never been horny"

then explain this! shows a picture of au ra mika

Thinking about catboy Link x G'raha Tia is giving so much life right now

Fucking incredible homosexuals

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Hylians might be closest to Elezen sure, but WoL Link is definitely a catboy

Link and G'raha Tia would get along for extremely well I feel

Perhaps even be gay boyfriends together

Me at work: I have never seen this box before, what’s in it?

*opens box*

Ah, a single large chip labeled “lucifer”. It’s 2020, what could possibly go wrong.

plural thoughts 

still would be nice to have a reasonable way to do bounds checking on arrays though lmao

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like for all its problems, C is still really fucking compact yet also massively powerful and not nearly as obtuse as would be expected from a language as small as it is

which is why i still like it and use it in spite of yknow, all the problems

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