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*pats head of plural system* this can fit so many heckin friends in it

From observation, it looks like it's just random number generation with certain piece types given a bias/weight

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Wanna be able to implement Lumines gameplay in the block game engine I'm making, so I wanna know what kinda randomizer it uses

And I can find precisely zero information on it...

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Hey random question for fedi:

Does anyone have any information on how Lumines generates pieces?

you know puyo puyo is gay because satan in the puyo puyo universe looks like this

Thinking about Shadowbringers storyline again and aaaaaaaa :ablobcathappypaws: :ablobcathappypaws: :ablobcathappypaws: :ablobcatbongo: :ablobcatbongo: :ablobcathappypaws: :ablobcathappypaws: :ablobcatbongo:

Read this post to instantly take 30 points of psychic damage

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school, complaining 

bequa why does your screen name have a latin character with a thai diacritic on it

what in the unicode hell is this

:t1:​ I seem to have misplaced my Keyboard :t2:​

"is everyone ready to queue in?"

"no, i'm messing with my glamour right now"

this is an extremely common occurrence

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the ffxiv glamour system allows you to customize the look of your character's outfit but more importantly, it allows you to spend way too long coordinating your fashion whilst spending all your money on like two pieces of clothing lmao

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