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I see the Buckminster Fuller quote is making the rounds again

Everytime Mika gets something nice something bad ends up happening to him and I stg I'm gonna file a bug report with god for this bc it happens way too often :yell:

EFDN safe place and if you try to make it otherwise then poke poke stab stab :blobdrg:

idk what this means but my brain thought it sounded cool so I just hit toot

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product of fermentation (of shit in my ass)
has a funny smell
produces an altered state of consciousness

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sometimes i think about how fucked the N64's controllers were

Isaak be like: measures his height from the top of his hat

re: last post, here's Isaak.
i don't know if i ever decided on a color palette for him but it was gonna be one of these two.

also art is from January 2019, but im still happy with it which is surprising.

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