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theres zero reason to really use more than like two libraries together at one time?

and thats only for things that actually are complicated!

things like multi-platform windowing support (SDL2) etc

but like why the fuck do we need seventeen billion different frameworks for "building a website" when we have html css and js right the fuck there

theyre not hard to use, trust me

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"oh it makes it faster/simpler to get a working product!"

ah yes because learning the ins and outs of a new language (basically) and making sure you get that all correct and that the current versions of both the language and the framework work together and also work in the way you want is super simple

oh wait its not

its more time consuming

and more error prone

especially because the design behind a lot of frameworks and libraries runs counter to the design of the language they work in

so you end up having to constantly switch between two conflicting styles when using them

or more if you use multiple libraries!

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i honestly dont understand why frameworks/libraries/whatever other premade code things exist are so widely used and touted all the fucking time?

every single time ive ever tried to learn any framework or library i just get frustrated and make a lot of mistakes and im basically just learning a new language except im not so its weird

and then the second i switch to just writing it all myself all my problems magically disappear?

either im some kind of programming god or all these libraries are shit

and im a fucking clown programmer so lol

hey at least FORTH doesn't have this prob-

oh wait yes it does the ANS FORTH standard has like 11 different "optional" libraries

and you know every single compiler anyone makes anymore implements every single one

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love to make a functional programming language thats fucking massive from the start because as we all know, functional programming just isnt good when its a small language /s

i tried to use haskell once but the compiler was like over one hundred packages on arch and uh

yeah thats a no

imagine splitting your standard library into separate packages for each individual part

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“Autistic people can be funny” and “autistic people often don’t get jokes” can coexist

yall dont understand that whenever i get back on my bullshit and actually take care of adding all the emoji that've been requested

we're gonna be the first fediverse instance to have an emoji for every single pin from twewy

mark my fucking words

anyone who knows nothing about twewy: what the fuck is ryk talking about

me: needs more candy cane :blobcatrainbow::pin_player::blobcatrainbow:

these cats --> :blobcatrainbow::blobcatrainbow::blobcatrainbow:

  • take a bow to the moon
  • need more candy cane
  • their power is yet unknown

i should change my avi to a twewy character but idk whether id change it to neku or joshua

or sho lmao

i wont shut the fuck up about twewy or its art style or its story or its gameplay or its music or

twewy anime announced?!?

:acongablob::acongablob:​ I NEED MORE CANDY CANE :acongablob:


:acongablob::acongablob:​ TAKE A BOW TO THE MOON :acongablob::acongablob:

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it blows my mind that in other countries you dont file taxes, its just done automatically, and you have to file in the US because a software company specializing in selling you tax filing software has lobbied Congress enough to enshrine the entire industry.

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The TWEWY anime being announced is really exciting, i love that series' aesthetic. I'm excited to see if they make a new cover of twister to go along with it

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The bird website is doing a trend called "irl me vs animated me" and how do i explain yet again what kinning is to the unwashed masses

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EFDN is gonna be down for a few minutes, fixing some network equipment stuffs!!!

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neurotypical people be like "I don't hate autistic people" while hating people who pace around, fidget with stuff, are picky eaters, have weird special interests, have trouble with jokes and sarcasm, occasionally have meltdowns,

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