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ALSO ITS /no'vil/ (no-VEEL)

NOT /'no.vaɪl/ (NO-vile) OR /'nɑːvəl/ ("novel")

Ryk reads... An excerpt from acclaimed literary masterpiece "Sonic High School"


* Open floor plans in cold climates
* Putting the microwave above the stove (fire hazard much!?)
* Pastel panel exteriors that make everything look like it's made out of Duplo Blocks
* Private ownership by landlords

Ok so

I'm making a function with the declaration as follows:

subtract_point_from_point(point p1, point p2)

I'm running into an issue with figuring out the order that the subtract should happen in

So, feel free to let me know which one you prefer, or if you have any strong source saying one way or the other, because I can't find any!

It’s amazing to me how people will see people calling themselves elves or cyborgs and other people getting so angry about it they have to be like “ur not actually an elf” like shut the fuck up why do you even CARE

I will never sell your info because nobody wants to buy millions of posts that say shit like "ive boner".

post scraping update + 

all the progress bars on my router's web UI are just textboxes that fill with pipe characters

@norikawa lets take it a step further

use the rich as bait to contribute to deep sea exploration in hopes of finding new species of aquatic life

probably not good for screenreaders 

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I found a tool for testing your pronouns, it writes a small sentence about you with the pronouns you enter into it, and you can read short parts of stories to see if you like it.

Feed the rich to cat fish piranhas aren’t actually that aggressive and catfish can and will eat anything

@norikawa replenish endangered carnivore populations by feeding the rich to them

Eating the Rich ourselves will cause lots of problems with bacteria, viruses, prions and other nasty disease vectors

Meanwhile look at piranhas. They want to eat the rich and they can so why not oblige them?

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