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yes this is going to happen one moment


i think i might boost my thread showing off my FFXIV glamours and also my extremely good au ra boy

jimmy fallon is trapped in the LAVENDER zone and he needs your help! Show more

dont ask me why, but this contains both figment the dragon and alex jones Show more

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im honestly not sure how to tag this but it isn't really that bad i just wanted a CW to make it a surprise Show more

i feel like we had a really good bonding experience here tonight fediverse

as fucking psychedelic as it was...

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the bread seems to have calmed the teeth down slightly


thank god

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:better_croissant:​ πŸ₯ :better_croissant:​ πŸ₯ :better_croissant:​ πŸ₯ :better_croissant:​ πŸ₯ :better_croissant:​ πŸ₯ :better_croissant:​ πŸ₯ :better_croissant:​

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someone post like

coochie seal or something

get the teeth out

im just glad we go crazy over this shit even more than we do over drama because honestly thats so much better

why is it teeth that makes the fediverse go absolutely fucking rabid

nothing else

what the fuck

seriously i made like 2 posts about teeth expecting maybe like 10 at most from followers and instead we got this

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mastodon memes are generated by throwing a dictionary in a paper shredder and yelling the first word you see

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I actually can't get over the fact that the word mastodon actually translates to "breast tooth" what the utter hell.

This is like, prophetic. I could start a religion off of shit like this.

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We have:
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-Running glitch-soc, a version of Mastodon with more features, like doodles and local only posts!
-The server is named Gregory
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