@ducki I thought you were meaning like, What Kind of Demon Are You and I was just gonna be like

Helo I'm am Incubus I am: right here!! :ablobcatbongo:

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gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gya g

i don't read twitter regularly, but i visit it whenever an embedded twitter video refuses to play, and every time i do there's something weird trending

Boyfriend of an old friend of mine asking about me by name for a potential web design job and I'm just like hhh maybe Maybe????? :escuse:

everyone learning what omegaverse is when its been my archenemy for half a decade

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re: jerma link 

os designers learn to vertical script please? thanks

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also, mongolia readopting the traditional script and getting rid of the cyrillic one? hell yeah

no more latin alphabet, no more arabic alphabet

lets go n'ko, adlam, tifinagh and more!

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