what if we simply paid everyone's wages in books of fishes

@SuperGideon think so, saw anthy and bequa talking about trying to play it earlier

i'm going to use machine learning to determine which religious text is the most correct

Can we bring like, Ada Lovelace back to life so she can fucking kick the ass of all the shitheads fucking computers up?

every computer toucher in the world is just enchanted with bullshit

Internet Archive onboard with NFTs and "Web 3.0"

Disappointed, but not surprised, given their rather libertarian leanings

imagine overvaluing activision blizzard by that much money lmao

it's very rare for me to block someone on egirls lol. if I'm gonna do it i figure I'll just suspend them and save everyone else the hassle of blocking themselves


yeah i just happened to "find" the gay ffxiv stuff mhmm

@FirstProgenitor i definitely did not learn this by finding meteor x ardbert stuff at all nope

@FirstProgenitor i think people generally call default WoL guy "Meteor" when they need a name for him?

really curious what the 6.1 patch name is, since they said that it was extremely blatant to the point that people might be angry about it lol

Literally just thinking about my boyfriend makes me do things better (which is particularly impressive given I have ADHD and can never do things in the first place)

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@FirstProgenitor solid evidence that Mika is definitely totally not gay

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