people really are out here getting into final fantasy number 14 and expansion heavensward free up to level 60 with no restrictions on playtime


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@ducki which one?

despite the numbering scheme making it seem so, the games aren't all related to each other at all!

so ff2 isnt the sequel to ff1 .etc

if there's multiple games related to each other, they have other naming schemes (for example, the sequel to 13 is simply titled 13-2, same with 10 and 10-2)

@SuperGideon also those levels are per job, and you can switch between each of them on one character so like

You could theoretically get every job that isn't gated by expacs to level 60 on one character all in free trial

@SuperGideon also helpful glossary:

ARR: A Realm Reborn, the base game (went up to lvl50)

HW: Heavensward, the first expac (went up to lvl60)

SB: Stormblood, second expac (lvl70)

ShB: Shadowbringers, third and current expac (lvl80)

@SuperGideon All content up through level 60 (which means the entire base game and first expac) is available for free.

Between Main Story and side stuff, probably a good few days of play at least? I'm bad at estimating time and they streamlined the base game stuff since I played it so doubly unsure there

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