hey how the fuck do i make a phonetic inventory on a typewriter??

i cant do a table or anything so like

what do??

(im not worried about IPA, i already got a derivative of X-SAMPA made up that works instead, just worried about formatting now!)

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Just an average squid eating lunch at the cybercafé don't mind me :blobcatsip:

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It’s a wonderful lunch time in the cybercafé, and you are an average squid.

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cpu architectures are just different drugs

Wait until they hear about Old Turkic

Love to call someone racist and Nazi for using the native script of an official language of Morocco

Thinking about the time someone tried to get a person banned for being racist because they had runes* in their username

*It wasn't actually runes, it was Tifinagh, a script native to North Africa

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stuffed animal EC 

@Paul @Ghast @Kirito the way her hands are positioned you'd have to break the third one off to get a good keybaord position

@biohazard I was gonna suggest he might just have some social media guy doing it for him but this is Francis we're talking about so

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Rich people should simply just buy a brain

@Ghast @Kirito the third would get in the way of conputering so I mean her loss not mine

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