@CyclopsCaveman theyre trying to talk to me but all they did was make my phone scream 😔

hey @CyclopsCaveman did you get this too or is it not an ATL area thing and just my phone being weird

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my phone just got an emergency alert but its just completely empty of text?

just a random eas notif that just says "Emergency Alert" with nothing else

@starwall also of note is that c: and :) are not interchangeable in the slightest

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re: white people 

re: capitalist death cult 

I just learned that apparently there's people who think fireflies are some mythical creature and not just little things you find everywhere on some nights

@SuperGideon Should just be tied to the installation, i.e. hard drive

But different versions of Windows work differently so you won't really be able to know til you swap things out

Fuck Microsoft

My gender is Gay Bard (FFXIV Type)

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"Fun" fact about [Either MS or AL I can't remember which on: Explicit Slavery wasn't technically illegal until sometime in the mid 2000s, and when they passed the law that made it actually functionally illegal, a bunch of white people got mad and started complaining about Political Correctness encroaching on the cultural heritage of the state constitution

(I say explicit slavery to differentiate from the functional slavery still ongoing today but which is called by other names instead)

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using The Blackest Night to survive a reply guy’s tankbuster

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@roadkillcobra nvm it looks like it might be the graphic for a storm from either 1996 or 2014, not the current one!

@roadkillcobra that track is... completely and totally wrong as far as i can tell

the storm is currently headed north east across the atlantic, and isn't expected to gain much strength if any at all before downgrading to a post-tropical depression

that image is showing it headed northwest, gaining strength and becoming a hurricane by sunday, which is the precise opposite of the national hurricane center's outlook

where did you find this and how can we scream at them as loudly as possible??????

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