because languages using alphabetic systems have never had problems with illiteracy

the toots basically just seemed like thinly disguised "here's why japanese is an objectively bad language and english is better"

came to efdn to calm down a bit and instead i get enraged by someone going full badlinguistics by claming that logographic writing systems are classist because they're hard to understand and don't give you any hints to pronunciation and somehow these things are on purpose and specifically designed to keep poor people unable to read

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@Dayglochainsaw ok so it just decided to fuck wit the link but you know what i meann so

also @Dayglochainsaw you should change the @ELJ1 in your profile to the full URL (i.e. "@ELJ1") if you want it to have a link!

>friend of elliot joins fedi
>immediately calls elliot a bitch

'bout what i expected tbh

actually trick question im already cute :blobcatpeek:​

sen over here making me go "i should get a flower hairclip"

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reading ghast's toots rn be like

is he talking about anime or just reciting the alphabet really weird

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