@ducki would you like a paragraph of description for it?

not that itll make it more sensible, but its like a textual version of the diagram so i figured you might enjoy it too

there we go

for some reason, secondary toot button wasn't posting to public properly :\

user block recommendation 

should do a thread at some point about: "chaos isn't bad; what you're actually talking about is havoc"

@PrinceOfAllCosmos (that last bit sounded passive aggresive bc i didnt know how to word it good aaah ;w;

just meant like: dont feel pressured into doing it!!)

@PrinceOfAllCosmos glad to hear it!

if you want your follower count to show more accurate, maybe try setting it off ( efdn.club/settings/preferences -> "Hide your followers count") and then turning it back on? see if that force resets it?

feel free to do whatever you want though, follower counts can be inaccurate anyways without moving accts so

subtoot @ rowan number 2:

you're extremely good and cool :ablobcatbongo:

subtoot @ rowan:

levelling up multiple things very good, keep doing it!

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i'll have every job unlocked then at that point 😎

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:ffxiv_pld:​ lvl 28!!

almost gonna actually unlock PLD!!!!

why wont this levelling roulette pop >:(

im a tank!!!!! tank in need!!!! <5min estimate!!!!


Until my dying breath I will dunk on attempts to find a material basis for consciousness

@SuperGideon @FirstProgenitor wolves can have little a teeth as a treat

everyone else is on thin fucking ice

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