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ah, I feel the life coursing through my veins (from artist lyjmmem on twitter)

My new brush and dustpan thinks bipartisanship is golden and picking sides is the devil, apparently

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If anyone has a direct line of contact to @raspberry_boy please contact her and make sure she’s okay, please

@FirstProgenitor I had the same issue when I mained GNB

Finding a good looking gunblade was just like ohshitoshitohshit 👀👀👀👀👀

Might try to backup and format my virused server

Would be able to get four bots (efdn, rickiebooks, Paul's bot and cyber wolf) back up and running as well as get back to work on my personal site I've hardly touched in over a year!

@FirstProgenitor blame squenix head honcho man

they didn't want to put strictly gendered anything in ARR but he made them so (:

@Sprite I always forget "just ask" is an option given the people I interact with the most is my parents and they don't take asking well at all but most people aren't like that so!

Thanks!! :blobheart: :blobheart:

@Aleums meanwhile if you'd rather "raw sewage", check out the section called Pleroma!

Or just general "how the NWS, NHC and SPC work" honestly

Watches vs. Warnings, categorical risk maps, cyclone cone of uncertainty.etc

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I should do a whole Tropical Cyclone education thread on here some day

Especially since we're gearing up for hurricane season here in the Eastern US

Anyone in the coastal parts of LA, AL and MS, please be careful end of this week into this weekend, will be hitting at around Tropical Storm strength it looks like!

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"Potential Tropical Cyclone 3 has formed in the Gulf of Mexico"

Oh boy here we go

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Like I wanna make sure the person I'm talking to understands what I'm talking about

But since I'm bad at gauging general knowledge about things, I often just end up explaining things they already know, since I wrongly assume that it's something that isn't a generally known thing, and end up being really patronizing towards them

But other times when I don't explain things ahead of time, I misgauge the other way and end up not explaining things that I should have!

So it's just me not being great at gauging knowledge on topics

And I wanna get better about it!

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Anyone got any advice on gauging someone (hell, even just general people, not even a specific person) knowledge on a topic, so I don't overexplain the background info about it and end up coming off a patronizing shithead?

It's something I've noticed I'm kinda bad at and I'm not really sure where to look for getting better at it :s

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@Sprite no it's a friend who wants to be seen!!!!! no cave for this fella

Speaking of plushies, here's Gayle dutifully protecting EFDN at new house :ablobcatbongo:

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