@Aleums they don't even have federation at all, it's just a thing like Twitter or Facebook yadda yadda

@heartles hmm I kinda wanna check it out now honestly

When I was mulling about making my own Fedi replacement project thing, one thing I found was it's surprisingly hard to protect against CSRF attacks with JS, it's doable but weird and annoying

So I'm curious to see how they've got that handled!

@Aleums new social media "better than Twitter" type thingy that we're all just looking at and sighing as we await them faltering from all the same problems we've seen on here

also it's just a single website deal, not a software you run or Fedi thing so all those problems will concentrate on just that one mod team to solve too

For all of the extremely many problems Mastodon has, and it has extremely many, it has pretty well convinced me that the only "good" social media setup is being directly accountable to a group of admins, each of which I personally know to the extent that I would say "well shit if so-and-so is pissed with what I did then I probably did some fucked up shit and shouldn't ever do that again" about the comments of any one of them

Idk, it's like, having other instances is fine and nice actually yeah?

Like I don't think anyone here is gonna go "Y'know, it'd be better if EFDNand Egirls and Hellsite and Monads.etc all just merged into one single instance instead"

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Like the problem isn't that other instances exist, the problem is mainly with the protocol used to talk with them.

So come up with a new protocol that isn't absolute ass to fix the issues.

Not just remove the existence of other instances full stop.

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See the way to solve these issues is to actually fucking work on them and fix them rather than just go "actually to y'know what let's just trash the idea of people being able to make their own little pockets in the network and just make it a single massive silo that we happen to control too"

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Ah yes, the biggest issue with the fediverse is that there's multiple instances instead of one singular one.

It's definitely not the promiscuous nature of federation, or the abundance of Nazis, or the inability to properly defederate or block other instances and users, nope, it's being able to have your own little community separate from others, that's the problem.

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Imagine looking at the fediverse and thinking the main problem with is thar people can make their own separate communities that can talk to each other. And not like, y'know. Literally any of the other massively obvious problems.

I should probably note that this was a thrift store whose merchandise was explicitly for people in need, and a lot of it ended up just given away for free (every person was allowed to take like a full garbage bag of clothes home no charge no questions asked once each day iirc) and not one that's about selling random shit with the proceeds (nominally) going to helping people

In which case yeah donating trinkets and shit is fine but this was people gleeful at the idea of donating their broken trash to the poor

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People in need, need like, actual things.

Not a set of dirty and cracked dishware

Not a box of mostly nonfunctioning lightbulbs

And not a bag full of things like "Windows 3.1 Quick Start Guide"

So don't act all high and mighty for donating that shit when you could've just as well left it in the bin and we could instead focus on sorting and cleaning up the actually decent shit.

Instead we got to just go through boxes and boxes of broken useless tat mostly

I dread to think how the clothing section fared (that was separate from the rest of the warehouse where I worked)

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These are all actual items I have had to sort through when I worked in a thrift store warehouse!

And every last one was delivered with the biggest smile on the face of the "donator", like "ooh look at me being good by donating my garbage instead of trashing it!"

And then the people that would actually donate like, Actual Things were always just like "yep, this is just where it's meant to be. Trash in the trash can, Recyclables in the recycle bin, and this stuff here" like no big deal not trying to be all Holier Than Thou because you went to a thrift store instead of a dump

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Believe it or not, no! We do not want to take your bin full of dirty dishes, box of mostly broken incandescent lightbulbs or garbage bag full of random technical manuals from 1982!

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Thinking about how people treat thrift stores and the like as places to dump their trash

I will write today I will write today I will write today I will write today I will write today I will write today I will

Hell yeah Im thinking about Rokos basilisk, and I'm jerking off!!!

"Rick owns a fat pikachu plushie" is probably one of the most predictable things I've done :fatpikachu:

@Dale goes to show how clear the formulation of the idea is though if there's that much room for confusion :blobcatgoogly:

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