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re: Activision-Blizzard's newest infuriating invention: The "Diversity Space Tool" 

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switching to being a :ffxiv_nin:​ main so i can equip the best weapon in the game

The screen in complete darkness only has a tiny white haze in two of the corners now, which is normal and expected with OLEDs. I tried to get a picture of it with my phone but it can't get an accurate shot because it's so dark

Meanwhile, here's what the screen looked like before. The issues I reported were those two dots in the middle and the bright red haze emanating to the bottom left of them. But I didn't realize that all the rest of that nonsense everywhere else was also damage! I thought it was just a regular part of an OLED!

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Goat every single time I see your pfp my brain thinks it's Sneasler

here's the blank version for you to edit to your heart's content

yes this is the highest resolution available

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so new laptop has a screen issue, it's in warranty and i've already got a repair request accepted, just gotta send it in!

but this whole time, i've been struggling with how to call the problem??

here's an image. the main original issue is those two like, bright spots in the middle? how do i call those?? is there a proper technical term?? because i have another computer with the same issue (though not nearly as bad, and its out of warranty so i just deal with it) and i have no idea what to call it as!!

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