Wow look at all then Severe Thunderstorm Warning

With two bonus Tornado Warning!

ah yes this is certainly a good way to get me to approve your account(s)

Ok so I'm planning on moving furniture a bit when my room has the clean space for it

I have this random corner between two desks that I want to use somehow but I have no idea how I could use it?

Any ideas for what to put in the spot I've marked here?

Just so you know whenever we say Bahamut this is what I'm picturing

Pol, --- 

i went to check's github and

Oh God Oh Fuck Oh NO

basically imagine a polycule of kemonomimi boys based off of these

can i offer you a disdyakis triacontahedron in this trying time?

log in to efdn and your computer just immediately starts playing this sound

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Welcome to EFDN, a little instance without any real specific interest, just being another node in the Fediverse!

We have:
-Good custom emojis, like Fat Pikachu, Hee Ho, Shrek Todd Howard and more!
-Running glitch-soc, a version of Mastodon with more features, like doodles and local only posts!
-The server is named Gregory