there's also this account request, which going by the email address, is in Belarusian

which i don't speak, but i hear Russian is pretty close so uh

hey @Deiru is this readable to you, and if so, is it something interesting/funny/legit (loljk) or just another spam account request?

also there's this account request which i find highly amusing

ok so the @ on this account request is a full name which is completely different from the full name on the email address used. which is a sure sign that i shouldnt let this person on efdn

on the other hand, this is the text of their account request:

Remember, if you want to break into the EFDN house, you must go through


video game text 

i feel so enlightened after reading this youtube comment

naturally this is the first thing i do with the new update



My PS4 randomly turned on by itself (and also turned on the TV but that happens when PS4 turns on so)

It greeted me with the standard PS4 boot chime and uh


Um... Sure...??

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