hm i wonder if theres a routing problem or something...

(outage map for Google)

there's a gun here; ATL 

i got a spamvertisement from norwegian cruise line and uh




gonna go out on a limb here and say that That instance is probably breaking the registrar's rules in some regards so uh

here's their email to contact about abuse.etc

their website also lists and as valid points of contact too

anyway in good news apparently this is a thing

i mean employers still will fuck people over about it but its nice to know that there's at least an attempt to stop them

It's time to admit Jack Crosbie should be thrown in a pit of alligators

PDS TOR, Big CC, probable TORE soon

That blue blob is the radar seeing debris and destroyed homes and buildings the tornado picked up

ok heres the code

the context is: i want to check if a tetris piece is colliding with a previously placed piece in the playfield

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