Here is revision 4 of my main conscript

I'm really happy with how it looks

Potential EFDN Downtime Due to Weather 

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wait if we're talking dumbass kitchen things we can't possibly forget about SMALT can we??

"four images that describe the energy you're bringing to 2022"

only four?


As well, here's a much larger map showcasing a different warning that has been issued

On this map, everywhere colored in yellow-orange is under a High Wind Warning. This means that sustained winds of at least 30mph and gusts of at least 60mph are expected to be occuring.

So even if you weren't in the first map, if you're in this one, please be safe as well! If you notice the winds getting particularly strong, please take cover in the nearest building and stay away from windows and doors!

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Heads up, if you're located in the area colored in yellow on this map, there are particularly severe storms likely heading your way today!

The main danger will be the wind: sustained winds of up to 70mph and gusts of up to 100mph have already been reported!

Please stay safe and weather aware today folks! You can go to and put in your zip code or city name to get linked to your local Weather Forecast Office, which will show a local map of your area, and any weather warnings issued!

so i went and downloaded that weird 360 audio thing for ffxiv they've been talking about and


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