also the default font on masto (for me at least) is terrible with japanese it looks

like is this chi or ji? who knows! it could be either! is that a dakuten or just a diagonal line? iunno!!

(it's chi btw)

So if you're not in Eugen's circle you get talked down to and locked from making suggestions but if you are in his group you get treated with consideration for your thoughts

Remember how yesterday went down? Well here's someone else saying the same thing, only this time in the mastodev discord. And getting treated completely differently

Not really a surprise at this point but it's vindication so

Defed Rec, exceptionally godawful levels of just BAD 

Eugen really be like "I'm gonna say the quiet part really fucking loud today" huh

Wrote the first two translated lines of the Babel text in new conscript!

So I was making a featural alphabet conscript for my one lang and it ended up just looking like faux-Japanese accidentally

I have no idea what the fuck to CW this as but it definitely needs one, it's like bad philosophy/religion/other shit??? 

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