My new brush and dustpan thinks bipartisanship is golden and picking sides is the devil, apparently

Speaking of plushies, here's Gayle dutifully protecting EFDN at new house :ablobcatbongo:

This desk was once used by my grandfather to do blueprints and such for projects like the lunar orbiters and the rockets carrying them

Now I'm gonna use it to just write smut :blobcat_mlem:

FFXIV post-shb spoilers 

here this image illustrates my point pretty good

just look at much more local and granular the warnings are in china compared to the huge-ass areas covered by single warnings in russia

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Imagine thinking this Twink isn't the biggest homosexual

Found a friend for Gayle so when I get moved in to new house, we'll have two server doggos!!

(Pictured: Gayle, the EFDN Server Doggo, dutifully protecting Gregory, the EFDN server)

definitely not based off the dollars logo from durarara not at all definitely not

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