oh hey guys btw paul got this for the efdn house

fun fact:

a PDF copy of ISO 2 costs $38

it's a single page document just telling you the difference between an "S twist" and a "Z twist" by literally just using images

so basically, they want you to pay $38 for this precise thing:

btw for ffxiv, these icons indicate Main Scenario Quests, which are the big quests you should aim to complete asap, once you are too low level for the next quest, work on leveling up to get to the next one!

this headline makes me want to yeet into a frozen lake

taking a break from the earlier composition to try something different

im restricting myself.. sort of

basically, i'm free to use any note in the key and i can do whatever i want with the bass part but

the treble part has to be this rhythm for (hidden) reasons

im doing another piano piece and its going well but uh

well uh

this sorta just... happened...

fun fact here's our lifetime sidekiq graph

guess when the tumblr migration happened

Finally ready to play the big Disney video game everyone's been talking about :blobcatrainbow:


who the fuck said "yea this looks good"|

why do i have this image on my computer and why is it named "good art.png"

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