hot take: non-decimal currency is good and cool actually

the problem with the pound/shilling/pence system wasn't that it was non-decimal

it's that it was british, and in addition, it was a british system that was based on a french system

so doubly bad there

having hot takes about, of all things, fucking coinage systems

in 2022

merlin moment

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personally i love to overthink and care too much about things that nowadays no one really gives much of a shit about and in the end is not really significantly impactful one way or another

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this is literally just called "having a special interest" isnt it

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i say this even while use of coins and cash is increasing dramatically

(digital and cash payments are rising while card payments are dropping because younger generations rightfully "see credit as a scam")

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coins are cool and epic vs. coins are more cumbersome than bills

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