thinking about how "you can't properly display or even store the family tree of the hawaiian monarchy with modern geneology software because the standard file format used is developed by mormons" is 100% true and absolutely fucking ridiculous


basically, mormons being overly fanatical in their beliefs means that the file format they developed was restricted to only allowing for relationships that were allowed by mormonism.

and mormonism is very strictly monogamous (the whole polygamy thing was a rather short period towards the beginning of mormonism and since then they've done a really fucking strong 180 on it) and also strictly defines a family structure of every child having exactly one mother and one father who are married.

so a family structure involving having multiple spouses of various genders where they're all equally considered the parents of their children (like was common in hawaii and polynesia in general) is completely and totally impossible to do in that file format

@norikawa is it true that incest is permitted and even marrying 1st grade relatives 🤯

@norikawa You could try using RDF files and editing them with Protégé. That's general-purpose ontologies, define any relationships you like.

If you're interested in this technology, let me know if you need help with refining some basic relationships.

@gunchleoc @norikawa An RDF based GEDCOM successor would be awesome. Merging two trees would be as simple as concatenating two files and stating some sameAs.

And given that my CardDAV address book seamlessly converts to vcard-rdf, that would mesh too :-) you know i could be wrong but I'm pretty sure was making a point about the politics and biases in software design, and not asking for assistance on how to accomplish this

@norikawa first of all, that's awful!

Some friends here in Aotearoa NZ have made a whakapapa (genealogy, connections) app coming from an indigenous Māori worldview which allows for all manner of whānau (extended family) connections like those you mention, including whangai practices (kind of adoption within the family eg. with grandparents or aunts etc.)

It's F/LOSS & based on Secure Scuttlebutt, it might be suitable for adaptation to the needs of Kanaka Maoli..?

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