holy shit they edited the blog post for the "diversity tool" and basically they just added an editors note saying "well actually it's only being used to aid in diversity but it isn't the only thing we're doing for diversity, for example, we've since made a much better tool we use instead!" and also removing all the images


i'm not unconvinced that they didn't just cobble this together in an afternoon in an attempt at good optics given how slapdash the whole fucking thing is, especially for something supposedly in development since 2016

like, do i believe that acitivision-blizzard was developing a "tool for diversity" since 2016? fucking hell no

do i believe they randomly shat something together with little to no thought in order to point at it and say "look we're good now!!!"? yes absolutely

@norikawa i think you underestimate how depressing the c-suite executives who would be like "yes but i need numbers to explain this diversity to me, put this character into the diversity machine so i can justify it as a Wise Business Decision"

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