Hey does anyone want a free paperback copy of the (indian version) dragon compiler book? I got an extra copy for free while back and it's just sorta sitting on my shelf and it's the kinda thing that I'd rather send off to someone else who could use it rather than just keep an extra copy around for no reason?

I'll finagle shipping and everything too (at least, as much as the shipping company will let me?? Idk if there's funky stuff for worldwide shipping so)

As for why it's the Indian version, idk, that's just what got sent to me, twice over, after ordering a copy online

From what I can tell, it's basically just the US version but with more stuff added from the first edition, so I'm thinking it might be slightly more comprehensive overall?

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Btw if you just want the text of the book and don't care about having a physical copy, definitely absolutely do not look it up on LibGen.pw and download it for free

Totally don't do that, that's illegal and piracy and bad after all!

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@norikawa from my experience in uni the international editions are typically much cheaper so lecturers often stocked and recommended it

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