pro tip: allowlist vs blocklist is a false dichotomy and they're actually just two ends of a whole spectrum that no one seems willing to explore or even think about


examples of things that fall between:

-federation requests
-federation by trust (i.e. allows federation with any instances which federate with someone on your allowlist)
-timed federation allowing and blocking
-built-in ways for an instance's users to add/request new instances to federate with

@norikawa Wait how are those in-between? It's just QoL improvement over allowlist.

@Deiru basically modifying it to "more permissive than allowlist" is how i'm looking at it

@norikawa I don't see that either. I just see a lot of good ways to work with allowlist and that's honestly all I need to hear.

Just didn't see it as "in between".

@norikawa Those *are* very slick ways to combat 99% of bullshit excuses tho.

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