Link's gender has been fluid and not strictly male since the beginning get fucked phobes :blobcatsip:

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(these drawings are part of pre release promotional material for the original game, so again: since the beginning)

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@norikawa I'm getting some Rumiko Takahashi vibes from this art. :blobsurprised:

@robotcarsley @norikawa Heh. It was the pose in the second pic that reminded me of the cover for Urusei Yatsura Movie 3, though it's not an exact match. :blobnervous2:

@norikawa I'd call that a tunic

either way, it's really short for not wearing pants
I'd at least have some leggings under that if I'm gonna be running around stabbing octoroks

@norikawa what's the gender neutral term for a "fuck boy"? Or egirl? Lol

@norikawa they!!!!!

i love that link's designer deliberately said they were supposed to be able to appear both masculine and feminine

@norikawa this is from like when link was cannonically non biny, that's so cool

@norikawa A no-pants lifestyle is a superior form of living. We should all have the opportunity to follow in Link's footsteps.

@norikawa lack of pants is going to sting if they come up against one of those acid spitting lizard things

@norikawa the genders of hyrule:

None exclude being one or more of the others at the same or different times

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