So apparently the RIAA is trying to ban domain registration full stop because "all piracy websites have a domain" or smth lmao

Literally going full "ban the internet because you can listen to music on it"

They want all .is, .tv, .ru and .to domains banned from the US because they're under the impression they're exclusively used for piracy lmao

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They want the US Govt to forcibly shut down Cloudflare and Telegram too

Hey RIAA maybe shut the fuck??

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@norikawa big wtf on that one, do you have an article about this??

@Azura My browser history has decided to off it for some reason but when I see it show up again I'll send it over!

@norikawa oh my god they don’t just want cloudflare gone, they want other CDNs gone too (according to )

Imagine being so salty about people listening to music online that you want to destroy an entire major part of web infrastructure

@holly @norikawa Telegram?!

"people don't use MSN messenger anymore. did we do that?"

@holly @norikawa y'all what the heck. like we knew they were out of touch, but this takes the cake

@holly @norikawa if cloudflare gets banned I'm gonna laugh so fucking hard

@dragon @holly @norikawa cloudflare won't get banned because they're in bed with the NSA

@holly @norikawa I would be super OK with surveillance capitalist CDNs dying instantly, but not if it enriches copytrolls.. this one is hard to call, I need to lie down

tech explanation 

@norikawa They don't know the Streisand effect, do they ?

One known thing may disappear but thousands of copy of the same thing WILL pop up somewhere, maybe (and hopefully) outside of US jurisdiction. :blobcatpeek:

*troll mode activated*

Also, while they are at it, they can return to the stone age or something like that 🙃

*troll mode deactivated*

I'm glad I've got my .ch domain from a Swiss domain provider and my server hosted in Switzerland (i.e. next to my desk)

@norikawa if piracy was such a threat, they'd not be able to afford enough politicians & laws to try & pull this off

@norikawa I don't actually remember the name of the country with the "tv" country code but i do know that like half of its income is from its tld

@monorail @norikawa Tuvalu, an island nation in the South Pacific

According to Wikipedia:

"With the first $1 million payment (from .tv domain revenue), Tuvalu was finally able to afford to join the United Nations."

@norikawa >.ru used exclusively for piracy i’d love to see their explanation lmfao

@norikawa yeah, tell that to maybe. (it's a major public TV channel in .de / .fr, no idea why it's based in #tuvalu ;-) but it's not for "piracy", I bet)

@norikawa can't wait for twitch to get banned from internet

@norikawa just ban communication outright.

Even smoke signals can send songs at a low enough bitrate.

@robotcarsley @nyx @norikawa also singing was used to infringe on copyright I have heard

@norikawa that's fucking insane. they had been talking about trying to ban users from the internet for doing so, which is insane because the internet is used for practically everything now!

Ban ears because they can be used to listen to pirated music. Only allow RIAA-certified DRM ears going forward.

@norikawa Now if only they could go full ban on ears, those damn things listen to pirated music all the time;)

@norikawa This is, how politics work. You put up a maximum demand of which you know it'll probably won't go through. Then you make a "compromise":
"I am going to take all your money!" - "No, please do not." - "OK, I am taking half of it." - "That is a fair compromise, thank you!"

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