"Communism is bad because it doesn't account for the fact that all humans are naturally predisposed to being horrible bad people"

Have you considered: Original Sin is bullshit?

"Humans are imperfect and power corrupts, this is why Anarchism is inherently flawed"

what the fuck do you mean

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@norikawa "Get rid of all power structures and someone will inevitably crave power!"

Why would they if their basic needs are met?

"Their basic what now?"

@norikawa i have never heard this as anything other than "humans are imperfect and power corrupts, so let's keep putting humans in positions of power over each other"

which just... what?

@norikawa where is all the evidence for people being bad in a vacuum that ppl supposedly have??

@julia the bible

no seriously people here use the bible as a cludge to say "we need the police".etc bc the bible says "all humans are naturally bad" or smth

@julia @norikawa the stanford prison experiment, notorious for having a perfectly representative sample of humanity who've been controlled for how they were socialized and the culture they were raised in (opted into by white cishet college dudes in the mid 1900s)

@norikawa Even for people who do believe in original sin, it's weird how so many think that that's somehow an argument for capitalism. Like, assuming that people really are inherently bad, doesn't it stand to reason that they're also too inherently bad to handle the massive amounts of wealth and power over others that comes with capitalism? And yet it always gets used as a *defense* of capitalism

@norikawa Original sin is the worst take. It re-inforces fear and the natural inclination to fit in and not break the social contract, with plenty of victim blaming just to make it worse.

What I'm saying is we need to build a culture that focuses on community rather than individualism for it's own sake.

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