Kernel-space DRM sounds like the least thought out thing imaginable

Something that introduces a massive security hole into user's computers, whilst being easily bypassable thanks to it being in Kernel-space

Tying your DRM directly into the Kernel AKA Instantly defeating the supposed point of the DRM by making it relatively easy to access and bypass/disable

Nah sure let's just put it here where userspace can interact with it no problem I'm sure this will make it impenetrable

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at this point i wouldn't be surprised if Denuvo is just another NSA/CIA thingy ala Intel Management Engine bc why the fuck else are you purposefully defeating the point of your own software and introducing vulns to users?

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It's Anti-cheat, and it's ok becase "Valorant did it too, gais".

@Deiru kernel-space anti-cheat....

ah yes, i'm sure there's absolutely no way around this.................

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