something fedi needs is:

a way to attribute custom emoji

not by original instance, but by like the person who created the emoji

like an extra field in the form for making a new custom emoji

@norikawa Yeah, that would be really good! Especially considering how many are just...floating around with only the instance as the source.

Monsterpit lists any from the mutan tstandard with ms at the front of the sourcecode, so you know who made :ms_crow:​ for example.

@norikawa imo there should also be something like this for sourcing art by artists not on fedi instead of just putting the artist name in the description or w/e. I see a bunch of un-sourced art floating around fedi and i would hope if there was a unique field for attributing a source, it would compel more people to actually be diligent about sourcing stuff they post. really wouldn't want the fediverse to be known by outside artists for rampant art stealing.

@Paul @norikawa would be even better if fedi servers wouldn't strip the attribution/copyright metadata on images in the first place

attachments can then have a view info buttons like other sorts of media apps do to show who originally created it

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