@norikawa is there anything i hate more than the clumsy juggling i must do to charge my fucking pencil.... maybe idk but it still sucks

@fresh_newlook God, I had just managed to repress those memories. It was even that color. Thanks.
@Dayglochainsaw @norikawa

I would say nearly all of this (except that stupid mouse) is excellent design, if you take in account that they want to make it less comfortable to use tech they don't want you to use

I didn't express that quite right. Also, they want you to buy more of their own stuff, of course

@waweic u good, i gotcha.

its not "good" in a general sense, its "good" as in "does exactly what they wanted it to do"

@ishiima right?????????

its like the worse one there its just


@norikawa Their crap design goes way back. Phones you can't hold in a normal fashion, swelling batteries causing trackpads to stop working, CD slots that eat your CDs permanently. Apple products are designed to look good on the showroom floor and that's it.

@norikawa I think that idea floats around because too many folks think "design" == "make it look cool". They don't realize that there should also be "functions well" as part of that equation.

@norikawa Apple is coasting so much they should just make coasters


is that a mouse.

with the plug placed in such a way you can't use it while it's plugged in.


The picture with the pen. Is that really what it seems? Is that how you charge it? The cover sitting next to is just too much.

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