its hard to make fun of people when its almost impossible to tell satire of them from the real thing

@NuclearTess saparmurat niyazov almost fits here but thats saying more about how batshit fucko he was than anything

@norikawa i was talking flat earthers (im not sure who youre talkimg about)


@NuclearTess previous dictator of turkmenistan who puts shame to every kim as far as "doing wacko shit while in power"

highlights include:
-ordering all dentists closed because "dogs chew on bones to strengthen teeth, this is what people should do too"

-renaming the months of the year after him, his family and things/words he liked

-bulldozing mosques after they refused to place his book on equal footing with the quran

-speaking of said book, he "wrote" (read: mostly plagiarized) a book which he made the "definitive" national history, ideology, biography.etc and then made everyone read it to the point that it was on driving tests

-banned dogs from the capital because he thought they smelled bad

-banned the word "bread" and told everyone to use his mother's name instead

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