Someone: "Science is a precise and exact thing with definite answers that everyone in the field agrees on"

Chemists: Haha no

Physicists: *maniacal laughing*

Linguists: *fistfighting each other whilst cackling like hyenas*

@norikawa anthropologists: *literally shooting at each other*

paleontologists: *doing the fistfighting and cackling thing*

archaeologists: yeah whatever, now will you please STOP BUILDING SHOPPING MALLS over the ruins of ancient cities, THANKS

@troodon @norikawa remember when
paleontologists used to fistfighting, while literally faking new creatures by putting together random incomplete skeletons?

remember when archaeologists were primarily imperialist colonialist grave robbers?

good times.

"Does Science Advance One Funeral at a Time?"

"We study the extent to which eminent scientists shape the vitality of their areas of scientific inquiry by examining entry rates into the subfields of 452 academic life scientists who pass away prematurely.
Overall, our results suggest that once in control of the commanding heights of their fields, star scientists tend to hold on to their exalted position a bit too long."

@norikawa Biologists: "Wait I got turned around and forgot what the question was"

@norikawa fucksake inorganic and organic chemists can't even agree who organometallics belong to 😅

@norikawa The humanities, body of birds and heads of beautiful women: We're not so different, you and I

Biologists: *too busy brawling in the parking lot over taxonomy to hear the statement*

I'm literally, at this moment, reading a smackdown of minimalist grammar by a cabal of constraint based grammar advocating japanese linguists.
Its pretty heckin real.

Geologists: not in a million year .. or 2

Statisticians: *currently dueling with slide rules over how to model their laughter*

@norikawa software engineers: *screams and yells at each other’s programming choices, while a bunch of js people are sobbing in a corner because their internet is not good enough to download the 1 GB node_modules needed for their hello world application*

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