Someone: "Science is a precise and exact thing with definite answers that everyone in the field agrees on"

Chemists: Haha no

Physicists: *maniacal laughing*

Linguists: *fistfighting each other whilst cackling like hyenas*

@norikawa Biologists: "Wait I got turned around and forgot what the question was"

@norikawa fucksake inorganic and organic chemists can't even agree who organometallics belong to 😅

@norikawa The humanities, body of birds and heads of beautiful women: We're not so different, you and I

Biologists: *too busy brawling in the parking lot over taxonomy to hear the statement*

I'm literally, at this moment, reading a smackdown of minimalist grammar by a cabal of constraint based grammar advocating japanese linguists.
Its pretty heckin real.

Geologists: not in a million year .. or 2

Statisticians: *currently dueling with slide rules over how to model their laughter*

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